Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just to make you drool~~~~

Nah!!! Ice kacang!!! My favourite!!!

Start drooling yet???

OK, i get it....the photo was lame and it's not clear.....
Well, lame pic taken by my sister.

Oh...and that's me digging into my ice kacang (Another lame pic by the lame girl)

Nah....lame girl here. She couldn't show her lame face here. So, i draw her one.

Ice Kacang. How i miss going crazy nowadays......damn hot until i'm sweating inside an air-condition room. Going for field work this coming week. Gotta go snap some cool pics of plant species. Is going to be damn hot. Ice kacang will definitely save my day.

Hmmp....maybe something like this.

=_=||| I think we are sister after all.....

Gotta go prepare for the report!!! Ciao~~~


  1. hey tat's my shirt and everything but tat's not me... hmmph... thief...

    " I think we are sister after all....."

    I dun get this.

    How you draw your picture so nice one faster teach me? I need it for one post of mine.

  2. Since we both came out with lame pic...tat's the meaning....

    Got it now?

    Just use 'Paint'.

  3. lol @ ur mad looking sister :)

  4. ice kacang... feveret ma..

  5. =.= i feel u wan to draw hanamichi sakuragi face heh ?



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