Friday, March 19, 2010

Jam Packed!!!!

Well Well...let's see what i'll be doing for the coming weeks ahead......

Saturday Lab Test
Sunday French Replacement Class
Monday Report Due
Tuesday English Test
Wednesday Field Work
Thursday Orchestra, Dance
Saturday French
Sunday French Replacement
Monday Report Due
Tuesday Oral Presentation
Wednesday Properties of Matter Test 2
Thursday Orchestra, Dance
Friday Shoes Festive
Saturday French Test, Statistic Assignment Due
Monday Report Due
Wednesday Bio Report Due

Yoyo!!!! Still planning to go for the Hot Air Balloon Festive but seem like i'm not going to make it.
Gotta go study for tomolo exam. Ciao~~~


  1. hey you know got one mile advertisement is title wat jam packed one. i tot you are going to do tat advert. edit it la.. maybe can win..

  2. Got such thing mei? See if i haf the time sin la....

  3. Yeah~~just goggle for it....

    Link over here. Is Milo one lar.....

  4. BTW~~~the contest is close....

  5. wow,you have a very busy week ahead!
    Good luck and take care of yourself!

  6. hahaha typos... yeah milo one. then it's too bad.



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