Monday, March 1, 2010

I got the form.....YOSH!!!!

Wuahahahahaha..........see this!!!

Yes! I got the form!!! Now i stand a chance to win myself a trip to France......wuahahahaha~~~

How the hell did i got it?


Librarian: What??? You want to cut out the newspaper?? No way~~~!!!

Me: Please~~~~Please~~~~Please~~~~Please~~~(I'm a good actor)
I'll just need the form, is only a small portion. Please~~~~~

Librarian: against the rules. We don't let students cut off the newspaper.

Me: Come on.....the newspaper is already 'expired'. No one will need it anymore. I bet it will only end up going to the 'Old~~~News~~~Paper~~~' Van. I'm the only one deadly in needs of it. So please, can you just allow me to cut that form out? Please~~~ Is only a small portion......Please~~

Librarian: do you need the form? Why don't you just make a copy of it?

Me: 'If~~~i~~~could~~~then~~~i~~~~would~~~' (start singing). Is stated there, only the original copy will be entertain.

Librarian: Erm.....

Me: Please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Librarian: Alright. Fine.

Me: Oh!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

That's how i got it.

Anyway, today lab was damn easy. I finally hand in my report and went to Tesco after that with Michell, Spiky and Ah-Hua. It was raining but we just ignored it. KFC for dinner. Buy some stuffs and got back home.

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  1. after you post this out.. everyone would end up begging for the same thing from the librarian again. be it not the same thing.



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