Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Desperately in needs of a camera

Yep. Mine fallen into the Batu Berangkai Waterfall and was spoiled since then. HAHA~~

This is the last photo it'd taken few seconds before going into it own grave. R.I.P.

Now, i haf to survive on borrowing others or using my pathetic hand phone camera to capture photo. i wish i could turn back time and be more careful that time.

RM7xx.....vanished into thin air just like that. I thought it cost around RM6xx. My sister who was very mad about this told me the exact cost mum had paid for getting it.

My mum who paid for the camera never say a word about this incident and for this i'm very much grateful, guilty at the same time.

If my camera hasn't fallen into the waterfall, it'll be much help for me in this semester.

I could have capture my own specimen photo.
I could have capture the lecture slide myself without having to copy or asking the softcopy from friends who have it.
I could have capture endless stuffs i find interesting.
I could have save my time bragging on something else.

This incident happened last year and only now i'm whining about it. I was reminded. It suck and I don't feel good about this.

Shouldn't have brought my camera to that place. It'll save me all the trouble now. I'm getting more and more annoyed without a camera, angry to be exact. When i think about it, i just couldn't stop myself from wondering why it is only until now that i get angry over this issue?

I already have the answer.



ASKING HELP FROM PEOPLES especially from those......unwilling to help.....and show you those faces, annoying rules announced through gritted teeth, raising tone, so on and on. Don't try to guess who i'm referring to because you will never get an answer from me.

I'll buy myself a new camera of my own and save myself from all the troubles. Now who have good model with good price to introduce to me, leave me a comment so i can spare some time to check it out. Thank.

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  1. raymond tat time got one cost rm350 only as good as mine canon, just don't have the auto capture function only.. didn't say earlier..

    somemore our super genius bro fixed your camera. didn't he tell you that? initially he tot tat you took the panasonic away and left your faulty one at home so he super angry. but the results is he managed to fix it.



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