Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chinese students are all copycat!!!!

Got up early in the morning to revise for my statistic test and went to the campus by cycling. I don't know what is wrong with my bicycle. Whenever i start pedaling, it'll start generating buzz sound that sounded like some rusty chains rubbing on each other surface.

Is reaalllllllyyyyyy annoying and is reallllllllllllyyyyyyy embarrassing. The chain broken off on Monday and i fixed it back on my own. Since then, there's this funny sound which turn-heads while i'm cycling. The security guard was laughing at me this morning when i cycled by and is really embarrassing. I'm still trying to find out the main source that caused this problem. Well, too much 'robber' here in Kampar, so going to a bicycle shop is not the option.

Nothing much for today, Professor Shit said something that i couldn't agree more. He said, 'Chinese students are all copycat' which i really really really agree to it. Not 100% but 99.99%! Well, well, all we did is just memorizing and trying to copy others ideas and claiming that it is our own ideas which it's actually not. That's why.....there's no such thing as fun when it comes to studying and learning. Besides implying this 'copycat' phenomenon to our studies, is sad to see that 'some' Chinese students can goes as far as copying what he/she friend did. Everything he/she did, they would just copy and paste, follow blindly without having their's own said. Well, from what i observed, is all because of 'confident'.

Once, before our Chemistry report was hand in, one guy compared his calculation with his friend and found that it is different from his. The formula used for the calculation was very different. Then this guy went on to compare with more and more friends. Then, just because out of 80% of the class was using that formula on theirs calculation. He quickly 'corrected' his calculation and followed what his friends did. The story do not just end here. What happened to the rest of the 20%???

They start comparing as well and start questioning whether this is the correct way or not.

One said, 'According to XXX, the calculation is based on this formula and according to YYY it is also based on this formula and according to ZZZ it is also based on this formula.'

The next said, 'Yes. I told you. According to the lecturer, the answer should be negative. Our answer is positive which means is wrong already lah!!'

Then, off they goes and 'correct' their's result. In the end, the whole class used the same 'correct' formula for their's calculation except for one or two peoples. Now, these one or two peoples here are now consider the 'idiot' of the class.

'Why not you correct it? Is wrong?', A said
'I think i'll just stick to this formula because i think this is the right one.', B said
'But a lot of peoples used this formula, you sure you're not going to change it?' A said.
'Is ok. I don't have the times to change either.' B said.

In the end, the lecturer was so mad that she scolded the whole class and asked everyone to 'correct' their's calculation before handling in back to her again. Now....let see what they will say.......

A: 'See, i said so already. Is supposed to be like this one de mar. Haiya. You la....Don't believe me. 'Made me' go and change the formula. (No knife or any other life-threatening weapon was placed under your neck and forced you to change it in the first place.)

B: 'I got this correct oledi one lar..........' (If you think it is correct, then why the heck you changed it?)

C: ' Haiyo. My answer is actually correct liao la.......Cei......Now need to change back again' (Your answer is wrong because you changed it, if it is correct you wouldn't need to change it back. Get real!!!)

What happened to those who never 'corrected' their answers?? Well, no one will remember because the rest are too busy trying to figure out a reason to covered up their idiotic act.

Okay, what i'm trying to say here is.....

1) You must believe in yourself. Be confident and don't just do something because everyone else is doing it.

2) It is okay to get a wrong answer although the whole class may be right. Everyone makes mistakes. You need to fail dramatically in order to have a tremendous success. Your success is directly proportional to the number of times you fail, which is directly proportional to the number of times you try right?

3) It's not embarrassing and is definitely not stupid if your answer is wrong. Change your mind set and you'll notice that nobody even cares. Admitting your own mistakes is not hard. Nobody is perfect.

Well, that's just one of the example i'd seen it happening here. What Professor Shit had said is indeed very true.

Be smart!!! Be Creative!!!! Be Fun!!!! But not COPYCAT!!!!!!!


  1. Wu.... I laughed like hell at the life-threatening part. hahaha... actually the same things happened at us here...

  2. well.. not ALL chinese are copycats you know.. =)

  3. Yeah, sometimes when we get a different answer we will think its wrong and copied others. Its true that we are lack of confident.

  4. erm, hate to say this... but chinese in malaysia famous for being copycats..nt a thing 2 b proud of sadly.

  5. that incident sounds familiar... wouldnt say who's that even if i remember.


  6. haha.. i think we cant say all.. there's still a lot who are creative in their own ways :) but i think the ones who copy are the ones who are not confident thats y :)

  7. im belonged to the the 0.01% group of chinese :-)

  8. same for ones studying overseas... but I admit I copy them too sometimes ><

  9. LOLx! no life-threatening weapon.. haha
    so true. everyday oso must got things like this. haha



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