Monday, March 15, 2010


Half way through my study, i heard a scream.....

'CHI-BYE!!!!!' (No foul word here, so i modify it)

Is coming from Henry's room upstairs and indeed it is his voice.....

=_=||| I think he's still mad with me.

Why is he mad with me then??

Cuz today, i borrowed his PSP and the idiot me pressed on some icon which i tot is a game. After pressing the button, i waited for the 'game' to load. Few seconds later, i felt that something is not right because instead of the word 'loading' which is suppose to be display on the screen. It read something like 'Updating in process.......'

So, i turn to Henry and show him that. The moment he saw it......he face change and the next thing i know. The PSP OS system was crashed.....

O.O Bang~~~~~!!! (Gun shot)

and....the PSP cant be switch on.....

O.O Bang~~~~Bang~~~~!!!! (Gun shot)

Andrew: 'I know how you feel right now but cool down boy....don't kill your friend just yet. It's just a PSP.'
Henry: 'My PSP ah!!!!!'

Me: 'Hahahahahaha' (evil laugh)
Henry: 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!'

Okay~~~Maybe i should put on a dance in front of him to beg for apologize.....

Nah...this one....

Sorry dude....i didn't meant it.....Now i guess, you will score a super high result for this coming Saturday test.




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