Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arghhhh.... Grghhhhhhh.........



House mates being a real selfish recently until i cant even log on to any webpage.
Well, well, tough week coming ahead. There'll be a hell lots more exam to add on to my ultimate tight schedule.

Recently, i just find it super hard for me to concentrate and focus on what i'm doing. 'Stress' should be the culprit.
Two more weeks and we'll be preparing for our final exam. I'm shivering already.

Right now i just gotta prepare for.....

English Oral Presentation, Properties of Matter Test 2, French Test 2 and Statistic Assignment.

I should find a nice spot and bang my head on it. Maybe this will help stop my brain from 'harvesting' more and more cortisol. Too much cortisol kills brain cells and reduces my performance. Or maybe i should poke a hole somewhere on my head to allow the accumulated cortisol in my brain to flow out. What am i talking about....? Errrrgghhhh......

Please don't get stress after reading this.

Next next week there'll be....

2 Properties of matter report, 1 biodiversity report, French Assignment and Lab test.


Hope there're wouldn't be more to come. Or else i'll end up suffering from

Cis cardiak (Hearth attack in French)

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