Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day of March....あたし~

Trying to cook my instant pasta.....(Now pasta also got instant one liao ah~~~)

But end up boiling my kettle...


Now i'm stuffing biscuit into my mouth.....(Pathetic)

Well, well, so today Properties of Matter test was pretty easy. I got it done in less than 35 minutes.

Rushed back home because it's going to rain. Don't wanna ended up like yesterday.

This Saturday will be my first time sitting for French test.

Got myself one more report today.....argghhhh....when it is going to end?? Report...exam....assignment.....endlessly....

but goes on

Let me just summarize up all the things that i gotta get it done before the end of next week....

April 3 French test (Rotting)
April 5 Chemistry report (Partially complete)
April 6 Oral Presentation (Done)
April 7 Biodiversity report. Statistic Test. (Bang head)
April 10 French Assignment (Procrastinate)
April 12 Properties of Matter report. Statistic Assignment. Biodiversity Test. (Die)
April 14 Biodiversity report (Ignore)

Then...FINAL EXAM....argghhhh~~~~

Anyway, i got a bunch of friends to cheer me up along the way because they are just as suffering as i do.....Muahahahahaha~~~~HAHAHAHA

My face just kept appearing in their blogs recently....and i must say....they seem to have a collection of all my ugly photos. =_=|||

Here....Here....and here....

One of them even combine my ugly photos to a GIF image and used it as an MSN ZHA DAO~~~

Friday, March 26, 2010

^_^ いそがしい、しかし巣場らしいじゃありませんか

Busy life spelled 'F-U-N'(excluding exam and assignment)

Although my schedule is pretty tight recently yet i'm enjoying every seconds.

Well, everything except for one......

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arghhhh.... Grghhhhhhh.........



House mates being a real selfish recently until i cant even log on to any webpage.
Well, well, tough week coming ahead. There'll be a hell lots more exam to add on to my ultimate tight schedule.

Recently, i just find it super hard for me to concentrate and focus on what i'm doing. 'Stress' should be the culprit.
Two more weeks and we'll be preparing for our final exam. I'm shivering already.

Right now i just gotta prepare for.....

English Oral Presentation, Properties of Matter Test 2, French Test 2 and Statistic Assignment.

I should find a nice spot and bang my head on it. Maybe this will help stop my brain from 'harvesting' more and more cortisol. Too much cortisol kills brain cells and reduces my performance. Or maybe i should poke a hole somewhere on my head to allow the accumulated cortisol in my brain to flow out. What am i talking about....? Errrrgghhhh......

Please don't get stress after reading this.

Next next week there'll be....

2 Properties of matter report, 1 biodiversity report, French Assignment and Lab test.


Hope there're wouldn't be more to come. Or else i'll end up suffering from

Cis cardiak (Hearth attack in French)

Monday, March 22, 2010

I can't fall asleep.

Another restless night.
Wide eyes opened.
Staring blanking at total darkness.
Mind wandering.
Not knowing what to do.
Not knowing what is this all about.

Can someone just told me what is wrong? Why the heck i'm not sleeping at this hour?
I just don't understand.


I guess the thing i concern the most is back haunting me again. Although I've tried keeping myself busy so that i can shut this though out temporary.

Shouldn't have think too much about that? What the heck!!!!
I need to get rid of this nightmare soon........Gosh! Bad skin textures, panda eyes are not something i yearn for.

I need energy to focus on what i'm doing now.

Losing concentration now will result in big failure and i definitely don't want that to happen on me. Not me. Not now.

Whatever~ Arghhhhhh!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

僕わ 生まれ変わった!!!!!!

星を 目指して
僕は 歩き、出す
振り、返らないさ 傷だらけの 少年時代、だろう

僕は確かに道に 迷ってだ

深い暗闇で 孤独に泣いてだ

目覚めだら 君がいて 光満ちていた

僕わ 生まれ変わった

I have made a fresh new start!!!

Lab test

Whenever there's a lab test, Professor Shit will start scolding us endlessly.






Been looking forward for this test. Pretty confident with my study but then....never underestimate this cunning old wolf (Pro.Shit).

I was told to identify a plant species on my first station and also to give the phylum name of the mushroom.


Then i move on to the next station where i'm told to identify the structure of an Amoeba sp.

Whoyo~~~easy as ABC~~~i was delighted...

Then move on to the next station.....There are two pictures and i was asked to identify the species.

Failed to identify the first one.....but the second one was fine with me.

Then move on to the next station.....and i got something like this....
Gotta sketch it out and identify the common name of this species.

Dinoflagellate is the answer.....easy easy.....

Then move on again to next far so good yet~~~
and let's see what we got here..... octopus leg.......

The question read 'sketch out the specimen and identify the structure....'

Nah~~~so obvious....

Lichen thallus mar.......cei cei cei~~~~

Moving on~~~

Identify the process shows in the specimen.
What the XXXX#%%!%$#@^!%!^!?

Sir....are you kidding me? I ain't see anything. Is just a young fern leaf. =_=||

Fern leaf....fern leaf.....young.....grow......fern......process.....what it is call?

Time is running out and my brain still failed to came out with anything.
Ah....whatever......i'll come back for it later.....

Moving on....the questions got tougher.....
What is the genus name of this bacteria?

= =|||| cei~~~so easy....spirillum shape.....see also know

So i wrote in my answer column...... Staphylococcus.....but.....

Staphylococcus somehow is not stained purple.....but blue....and it look something like this...
guess what's the correct answer???

SPIRILLUM......yo`yo`yo` could this happen to me?????

Moving on....

Identify the stem based on the cotyledons and provide a reason to support your answer.
Alamak......apa ni???

I just don't get it. Why on earth would my Professor think of this sort of question?

Anyway, lucky me......

See the part stained purple? It is the xylem......and the middle you could see a lot of air sacs....Is not air sacs lar.....but i'll just call it that way for identification purpose.

So....i wrote....

Monocotyledon, because the vascular tissues are shattered.

Dunno it is correct or not anyway....

Moving on, all the question is about identification and sketching and suddenly i remember that i forgot to write the magnification for all my drawing. Shit man!!!! Have to request for going back to that station again.

After i got out of the lab, i'm not that confident anymore........sob~~~sob~~~sob~~~
Euglena became Paramecium. Polytrichium capsule became stobilus. Protonema became Mnium. Marchantia thallus cupule become Gammea cup and i was still laughing at people for writing Marchantia while i'm the one who is wrong.

Haizzzzzzzz...............SIR I WANT A RETEST!!!!!!!!

Too bad there's no such thing as a retest.....blame it for not having a camera.....and a bad memory......

Look like there's no 'A' for me this time. Sob~~~sob~~~

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jam Packed!!!!

Well Well...let's see what i'll be doing for the coming weeks ahead......

Saturday Lab Test
Sunday French Replacement Class
Monday Report Due
Tuesday English Test
Wednesday Field Work
Thursday Orchestra, Dance
Saturday French
Sunday French Replacement
Monday Report Due
Tuesday Oral Presentation
Wednesday Properties of Matter Test 2
Thursday Orchestra, Dance
Friday Shoes Festive
Saturday French Test, Statistic Assignment Due
Monday Report Due
Wednesday Bio Report Due

Yoyo!!!! Still planning to go for the Hot Air Balloon Festive but seem like i'm not going to make it.
Gotta go study for tomolo exam. Ciao~~~

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Desperately in needs of a camera

Yep. Mine fallen into the Batu Berangkai Waterfall and was spoiled since then. HAHA~~

This is the last photo it'd taken few seconds before going into it own grave. R.I.P.

Now, i haf to survive on borrowing others or using my pathetic hand phone camera to capture photo. i wish i could turn back time and be more careful that time.

RM7xx.....vanished into thin air just like that. I thought it cost around RM6xx. My sister who was very mad about this told me the exact cost mum had paid for getting it.

My mum who paid for the camera never say a word about this incident and for this i'm very much grateful, guilty at the same time.

If my camera hasn't fallen into the waterfall, it'll be much help for me in this semester.

I could have capture my own specimen photo.
I could have capture the lecture slide myself without having to copy or asking the softcopy from friends who have it.
I could have capture endless stuffs i find interesting.
I could have save my time bragging on something else.

This incident happened last year and only now i'm whining about it. I was reminded. It suck and I don't feel good about this.

Shouldn't have brought my camera to that place. It'll save me all the trouble now. I'm getting more and more annoyed without a camera, angry to be exact. When i think about it, i just couldn't stop myself from wondering why it is only until now that i get angry over this issue?

I already have the answer.



ASKING HELP FROM PEOPLES especially from those......unwilling to help.....and show you those faces, annoying rules announced through gritted teeth, raising tone, so on and on. Don't try to guess who i'm referring to because you will never get an answer from me.

I'll buy myself a new camera of my own and save myself from all the troubles. Now who have good model with good price to introduce to me, leave me a comment so i can spare some time to check it out. Thank.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Half way through my study, i heard a scream.....

'CHI-BYE!!!!!' (No foul word here, so i modify it)

Is coming from Henry's room upstairs and indeed it is his voice.....

=_=||| I think he's still mad with me.

Why is he mad with me then??

Cuz today, i borrowed his PSP and the idiot me pressed on some icon which i tot is a game. After pressing the button, i waited for the 'game' to load. Few seconds later, i felt that something is not right because instead of the word 'loading' which is suppose to be display on the screen. It read something like 'Updating in process.......'

So, i turn to Henry and show him that. The moment he saw it......he face change and the next thing i know. The PSP OS system was crashed.....

O.O Bang~~~~~!!! (Gun shot)

and....the PSP cant be switch on.....

O.O Bang~~~~Bang~~~~!!!! (Gun shot)

Andrew: 'I know how you feel right now but cool down boy....don't kill your friend just yet. It's just a PSP.'
Henry: 'My PSP ah!!!!!'

Me: 'Hahahahahaha' (evil laugh)
Henry: 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!'

Okay~~~Maybe i should put on a dance in front of him to beg for apologize.....

Nah...this one....

Sorry dude....i didn't meant it.....Now i guess, you will score a super high result for this coming Saturday test.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just to make you drool~~~~

Nah!!! Ice kacang!!! My favourite!!!

Start drooling yet???

OK, i get it....the photo was lame and it's not clear.....
Well, lame pic taken by my sister.

Oh...and that's me digging into my ice kacang (Another lame pic by the lame girl)

Nah....lame girl here. She couldn't show her lame face here. So, i draw her one.

Ice Kacang. How i miss going crazy nowadays......damn hot until i'm sweating inside an air-condition room. Going for field work this coming week. Gotta go snap some cool pics of plant species. Is going to be damn hot. Ice kacang will definitely save my day.

Hmmp....maybe something like this.

=_=||| I think we are sister after all.....

Gotta go prepare for the report!!! Ciao~~~

Friday, March 12, 2010

1 Malaysia Youth Orchestra

Guys and girls.....check this out.

Definitely not something you should miss. If you pass the audition, you'll find yourself performing at

Resort World, Genting
Universal Studio, Singapore
Tokyo Disneyland, Japan
United States

There'll be an audition held at the National Academy of Arts, on 17th and 18th April 2010, from 10am-6pm.

As long as you're a student and is a Malaysian, you are then qualify for this. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your best instrument, prepare your resume and koff~~~koff~~~RM70....and~~~off you go kick some ass!!!

Good luck~~~!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Malaysia is not a good place to stay?

I just don't understand. Why is all my friends leaving Malaysia???

A: 'Hey~~~Gyee!!! I'm going to Australia. Wont be back until next CNY.'
B: 'Hahahaha.....i'm already in Taiwan. How am i suppose to come out for a drink?'
C: 'I'm leaving to Japan lo......been taking Japanese Language courses for the pass few months.'
D: 'I'm in England now! Yahoo~~~!!!'
E: 'The Egyptians speak English in a slang i can't understand. Help!!!'

and the one i hate the most.....

F: 'Guess where am i?'
Me: 'Hell'
F: '=_= Guess properly la'
Me: 'If it's not hell, then i guess you're in heaven then.'
F :'=_= I'll give you some hint. Open your webcam.'
Me: 'zzzzzz'
F: 'Tada!!!! In Malaysia i guess is 11.30pm now but LOOK!!!! IT'S STILL BRIGHT OVER HERE!'
Me: 'So?'
F: 'So? Where i am? Faster guess...'
Me : 'Planet Earth.'
F: '=_= bye bye. Not fun at all. I'm in U.K.'
Me : 'I want present. Latest Armani and LV bag'
F : 'Siao'
Me : 'Moron.'
F : 'Twerp'
Me : 'Imbecile'
F : 'Fine. I'll get you one from the black market.'
Me :' You'll be unwrapping them on your birthday.'
F : 'I don't want to talk to you anymore.'
Me : 'As if i want to...'
F : 'Bye bye.'
Me : 'You'd said that 6minutes ago and you're still here.'
F : 'No bag for you'
Me : 'No bag for you then.'
F : 'Zzzzzzzz.......I hate you.'
Me : 'Hmmp.....I doubt that.'
F : 'Zzzzzzz.......bye bye.'

and some would just come to me and start speaking in another language.....

G: 'Hallo. wie geht es dir?'
Me: 'What does that suppose to mean?'
G: 'Is German. And this means how are you. I teach you before right?'
Me : 'Cant recall.'
G: 'I'm now in German, furthering my study in automotive.'
Me : 'No, you did not!'
G: 'Yes, i am. Tell you what. My lecturer is afraid of thunder.'
Me :'For how long? Why you never told?'
G : 'You're the one who never pick up my phone call.'
Me: 'Okay, i admit that. So....'
G: 'so what?'
Me: 'How long you'd been in German?'
G: 'Not too long. A month like that.'
Me: 'Found anything interesting there?'
G: 'Haven't got the time to explore yet. You want present don't you?'
Me: 'Haha. You do know me.'
G: 'I'll buy you a German Flag~~~'
Me: 'Go die lar!!!'

Well, i'm the only one left stranded in Malaysia and i just hate it when peoples ask

A: 'Hey, where's your friend? Get them and come out for the party la...'
B: 'I always see you staying at home, why you never go out?'

and my parents, whenever theirs friends come

A: 'I always see your daugther at home. She's a good kid. Mine always went out. Not until sunset they wont be back.'
Dad & Mum: 'That's because she dont have friends. Hahahahahahaha. My girls love to be alone.'
A: 'Why? So weird....i tot young people nowadays love to be around with friend more than they do with their family.'
Dad & Mum: Well, mine one don't. Hahahahaha...'

The fact is......You all go die lar.......Chinese New Year also dint come back. Malaysia is not a good place to stay is it? Why is everyone leaving????

Monday, March 8, 2010

Galeri Produk Penjara

Ah...dah berapa lama aku tak menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu? Kira-kira pun dah ada 1 tahun lebih. Boleh dikira sudah karat lah.....kalau masih tak nak buat sesuatu untuk menyelamatkan benda yang dah karat ni, mungkin satu hari nanti ia akan habis hilang lah.......

Kali ni kali yang pertama aku menaip dalam Bahasa Melayu untuk blog ni. Satu cubaan yang baru bagi ku. Jadi marilah kita kunjungi 'Galeri Produk Penjara'. Masuk percuma!!! ^_^

Jika akan terfikir-fikir mana tempat yang anda nak pergi untuk hujung minggu ni atau secuma nak berlepak aje....mungkin anda boleh cuba membuat satu lawatan ke sini. Galeri ini mempamer dan menjual produk kraftangan yang dihasilkan oleh penghuni penjara di seluruh Malaysia. Maksudnya, semua produk kraftangan yang dihasilkan di seluruh penjara Malaysia akan dihantar ke sini untuk dipamer dan juga dijual. Berdasarkan cerita seorang kakak Melayu yang cantik, semua benda yang dijual kat situ merupakan gaji para penghuni penjara selepas mereka dikeluarkan dari penjara. Jadi, kalau anda beli mana-mana satu produk, duit yang dikutip dari jualan tu akan dijadikan gaji bagi penghuni penjara yang menghasilkan produk tu. Bermaknakan? Jika anda beli, anda dapat membantu dia orang.

Pelbagai jenis produk boleh didapati kat situ, antaranya seperti...

Produk Rotan

Produk Ukiran

Produk Kayu

Produk Seramik

Produk Kraftangan

Atas dan bawah...dua-duanya tabung.....comel kah si? Harga dalam linkungan Rm33-47

Selain produk-produk yang dinyatakan di atas, produk lain seperti songket, batik, simen fero, besi, dan makanan juga boleh didapat dari situ. Bateri low jadi tak sempat ambil gambar untuk semua. Kalau anda berminat nak tengok semua produk, anda boleh melayari laman web ni

Jika anda berminat tempahan online juga boleh dibuat.

Naik tangga ni untuk pameran informasi berkaitan dengan Jabatan Penjara Malaysia. Aku kira bernasib baik hari tu sebab dapat seorang 'personal tour guide'. Uncle ni cukup baik la, cerita sedikit demi sedikit sampai aku faham. Walaupun aku tanya banyak tapi uncle ni tetap jawab dengan senyuman yang cukup manis lah. Tanya soalan bodoh pun dia tetap jawab dengan penuh sabaran......mungkin sebab uncle ni dah kerja selama 40 tahun lebih kat penjara jadi dah diuji sampai tahap yang agak tinggi dah.

Inilah contoh barangan yang dipamerkan. Uniform penghuni penjara. Uncle tu cerita kat aku......warna yang lain bermaksud 'betapa lama orang tu dah duduk dalam penjara' boleh dikatakan tempoh jua....

Jagi anda tengok warna pun boleh tau tu orang dah berapa lama 'tidur' kat penjara. Selain tempoh, warna ni juga boleh membezakan tahap kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh seseorang penjenayah. Jika baju yang dipakai tu bermaksud tempoh yang lama, jadi orang tu memang dah duduk lama kat penjara dah, duduk lama kat penjara maksudnya dia buat kesalahan yang 'require' dia duduk lebih lama lah.....

Baju yang bergaris maksudnya?

Uncle: 'Ni yang pandai lari lah~~~!'
Aku: 'Ah...zaman ni pun masih ada yang pandai lari kah?'
Uncle: 'O. karang dah tak ada.....dulu macam 1980an tu ada kes yang lari lah. Karang tak jadi lagi.'
Aku:'Jadi, baju ni tak dipakai lagi?'
Uncle: 'Bukan~~~Kita tengok record dia lah....kalau dia pandai lari dari sekolah lah....curi lah...kita kasih dia pakai ni lah...'
Aku:'O...jadi ni yang perlukan 'Special Attention' lah?
Uncle: 'Ya, hahaha'

Aku: 'Ni yang dipakai untuk makan? Sama aje dengan tu yang dipakai oleh Khidmat Negara.'
Uncle: 'Hahahahahaha....tengok betul-betul plastik.....yang Khidmat Negara tu besi...'
Aku: 'Eh...betul juga. Kenapa nak pakai plastik?'
Uncle: 'O....takut nanti dia orang gaduh, ni boleh dijadikan senjata. Jadi kita tukar pakai plastik. Dulu memang pakai besi lah.'
Aku: 'O~~'

Uncle ni lalu menunjukkan pelbagai gambar yang menonjolkan cara hidup penghuni penjara dan juga pelbagai aktiviti yang diukir khas bagi para penghuni penjara. Selain tu, kata uncle, dia rasa sakit hati tengok pemuda yang dah keluar dari penjara masuk semula lagi. Dia pun kata, ada juga yang jagi baik. Katanya, ada seorang Cina yang keluar dari penjara telah membukakan satu kedai kraftangan di Langkawi. Itu contoh yang membuat dia rasa sega sikit lah.

Selain tu, aku keppo sikit lah...nak tahu pasal penjara kat Times Square tu bila baru mau dirobohkan. Kata uncle, kalau nak roboh.....memang dah dirobohkan lah....tapi...sampai karang ni masih berdiri kat sana, jadi..tau tau lah...

Bah cerita habis kat sini pun masih belum kasih tau dimana kat tempat ni.

Ni address...

Jalan Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh, Melaka (dekat dengan tempat buat passport di Melaka)

dan Waktu Lawatan

Isnin hingga Jumaat
8.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang

Sabtu dan Ahad
9.30 pagi hingga 5.00 petang

Cuti Am

O...hampir yang aku bawa balik......

Bila anda lah hasil awak......

Sunday, March 7, 2010

You must listen to this.

I'd been listening to this for the pass few week and i thought it's a nice song worth sharing. Dedicate to all my friends. Enjoys~~~

*Her voice reminds me of YUI but she's more attractive than her. What you think?

Download link here~~~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chinese students are all copycat!!!!

Got up early in the morning to revise for my statistic test and went to the campus by cycling. I don't know what is wrong with my bicycle. Whenever i start pedaling, it'll start generating buzz sound that sounded like some rusty chains rubbing on each other surface.

Is reaalllllllyyyyyy annoying and is reallllllllllllyyyyyyy embarrassing. The chain broken off on Monday and i fixed it back on my own. Since then, there's this funny sound which turn-heads while i'm cycling. The security guard was laughing at me this morning when i cycled by and is really embarrassing. I'm still trying to find out the main source that caused this problem. Well, too much 'robber' here in Kampar, so going to a bicycle shop is not the option.

Nothing much for today, Professor Shit said something that i couldn't agree more. He said, 'Chinese students are all copycat' which i really really really agree to it. Not 100% but 99.99%! Well, well, all we did is just memorizing and trying to copy others ideas and claiming that it is our own ideas which it's actually not. That's why.....there's no such thing as fun when it comes to studying and learning. Besides implying this 'copycat' phenomenon to our studies, is sad to see that 'some' Chinese students can goes as far as copying what he/she friend did. Everything he/she did, they would just copy and paste, follow blindly without having their's own said. Well, from what i observed, is all because of 'confident'.

Once, before our Chemistry report was hand in, one guy compared his calculation with his friend and found that it is different from his. The formula used for the calculation was very different. Then this guy went on to compare with more and more friends. Then, just because out of 80% of the class was using that formula on theirs calculation. He quickly 'corrected' his calculation and followed what his friends did. The story do not just end here. What happened to the rest of the 20%???

They start comparing as well and start questioning whether this is the correct way or not.

One said, 'According to XXX, the calculation is based on this formula and according to YYY it is also based on this formula and according to ZZZ it is also based on this formula.'

The next said, 'Yes. I told you. According to the lecturer, the answer should be negative. Our answer is positive which means is wrong already lah!!'

Then, off they goes and 'correct' their's result. In the end, the whole class used the same 'correct' formula for their's calculation except for one or two peoples. Now, these one or two peoples here are now consider the 'idiot' of the class.

'Why not you correct it? Is wrong?', A said
'I think i'll just stick to this formula because i think this is the right one.', B said
'But a lot of peoples used this formula, you sure you're not going to change it?' A said.
'Is ok. I don't have the times to change either.' B said.

In the end, the lecturer was so mad that she scolded the whole class and asked everyone to 'correct' their's calculation before handling in back to her again. Now....let see what they will say.......

A: 'See, i said so already. Is supposed to be like this one de mar. Haiya. You la....Don't believe me. 'Made me' go and change the formula. (No knife or any other life-threatening weapon was placed under your neck and forced you to change it in the first place.)

B: 'I got this correct oledi one lar..........' (If you think it is correct, then why the heck you changed it?)

C: ' Haiyo. My answer is actually correct liao la.......Cei......Now need to change back again' (Your answer is wrong because you changed it, if it is correct you wouldn't need to change it back. Get real!!!)

What happened to those who never 'corrected' their answers?? Well, no one will remember because the rest are too busy trying to figure out a reason to covered up their idiotic act.

Okay, what i'm trying to say here is.....

1) You must believe in yourself. Be confident and don't just do something because everyone else is doing it.

2) It is okay to get a wrong answer although the whole class may be right. Everyone makes mistakes. You need to fail dramatically in order to have a tremendous success. Your success is directly proportional to the number of times you fail, which is directly proportional to the number of times you try right?

3) It's not embarrassing and is definitely not stupid if your answer is wrong. Change your mind set and you'll notice that nobody even cares. Admitting your own mistakes is not hard. Nobody is perfect.

Well, that's just one of the example i'd seen it happening here. What Professor Shit had said is indeed very true.

Be smart!!! Be Creative!!!! Be Fun!!!! But not COPYCAT!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is the way i study.....

Never ever switch on your laptop while you're halfway through your study!

See. Now i'm blogging =_= when i should have been sticking my nose to my notes. Anyway, i got a purpose here.

Grace send me an email and asked about the way i study.

of which i found to say.......

to tell the true.......i'm always slacking and kind of like just rely plainly on my luck(pray to god most of times) so i don't really spent much times on my study. Anyway, here's my answer to those questions.

So, the first one. How did i excel in my studies?
Well, well, i never thought about that. do i excel? Well, i prefer not to answer that because i never did excel in my studies. Wakakakaka......

So, the next one. What's my secret recipe?
There's only one. 'STUDY LAST MINUTES' and this answer the next question as well.

and the next question. Do i do notes or revise everyday?
I do notes but i never really did go through them after that. I'll throw it away and use it to wrap 'things'(is nasty) up. Revise everyday? Oh~~nononono~~

next one.....memorizing stuffs.
Oh yeah, that happens to every students and is okay to forget a term or two. We forget to remember. That's the way our brain function and is normal to forget. It happened to everyone, so there's no needs to start hitting the panicking button.

For me, if i found it hard to remember, usually i'll just go online, go to google, type in the keyword, and start looking for articles related to that particular...i don't know....may it be a formula, a situation, a words, a condition, a functions or anythings........and then i'll start digging for more information on'll be surprise of what you can found.

Take for example, a chemical formula of which you have no idea of 'Why the heck you are memorizing it?, When and Where to apply?' and is so damn confusing that you feel like the more you look at it, the harder it get and the more dizzy your head get. Well, that happened to me and when that happened. That's the time i goes digging for more although my brain told me to forget about it and get some rest while my hearth tell me i should continues on. well....the true is if you cant understand that, it doesn't means you couldn't find a resolve on your own.

Well, there's infinite ways of finding a resolve. Going to the same old lame boring lecturer who got you confused in the first place probably wont help much. So, this post a question for you to pounder now. If this lame old boring lecturer cant help you. Who else? Friends.....the other lecturers......the top scorer in class.....or YOU yourself?

Trust me.....going to friend wont help much cuz they might be just as confuse as you, going to the other lecturer probably will just end up being shoo and going to the top scorer......Haha, you don't have the guts, do you? So, is all down to one and it is you, yourself. For me, if i couldn't memorize or couldn't understand that some thing ,some thing. I'll start thinking what is the purpose of learning this? Where can i apply or to more exact where it is imply? Then i'll just start working on my tools and start digging for the answer. I'll look for articles, videos, images and the very most important 'case study'. The deeper you dig, the more you get. Usually you'll be much happier in learning and willing to know more when you know where you can imply your knowledge on. By the end of all those digging, you'll probably have gone through so much that you already know how to dig a good hole. Well, well, hope all this crap really did help you out.

Anyway, the last question. Focus? Haha....the only problem with focusing is concentration. And there're a millions reason that caused this. Lack of interest is probably one of the reason. Boring lecturer is next. Friends that wont stop on and on. Well, i don't have problem focusing during lecture but i do have problem trying to concentrate on boring old lame lecturer or a boring topic that trigger my instinct to sleep.

Well, if that is the case then it's easy. Just go to and type in the keyword/title/topic you wanted to know. Click on a video you're interested and that is.

Take for example, tomorrow i'll be sitting for my statistics test taught by a boring lame lecturer who speak English with Indian slang so much that i found most of the times i spent in her class is to try figured out what the heck she'd just said than learning about how this explain this formula. So, until now my brain still failed to register anything from her besides

'Your test is on next lecture class' (which happen to be tomorrow)

On top of that, all this while she's been giving me hypnotherapy by lecturing on a topic i swear i'll hate the creator of it for the rest of my life. 'Probability'!!!!

Oh well, anyway, youtube just rescued me from misery. Check this out peoples.....

A near close example of my lecture(Preferable length of streaming: first 2 mins only)

My prefer way of learning......

And here....i found out what i could do with this.....

there's more but i don't want to burden my page with tons of video that caused my page to drag. So check it out yourself.

Hope this help Grace!

Ma étudiant...Bon courage!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I got the form.....YOSH!!!!

Wuahahahahaha..........see this!!!

Yes! I got the form!!! Now i stand a chance to win myself a trip to France......wuahahahaha~~~

How the hell did i got it?


Librarian: What??? You want to cut out the newspaper?? No way~~~!!!

Me: Please~~~~Please~~~~Please~~~~Please~~~(I'm a good actor)
I'll just need the form, is only a small portion. Please~~~~~

Librarian: against the rules. We don't let students cut off the newspaper.

Me: Come on.....the newspaper is already 'expired'. No one will need it anymore. I bet it will only end up going to the 'Old~~~News~~~Paper~~~' Van. I'm the only one deadly in needs of it. So please, can you just allow me to cut that form out? Please~~~ Is only a small portion......Please~~

Librarian: do you need the form? Why don't you just make a copy of it?

Me: 'If~~~i~~~could~~~then~~~i~~~~would~~~' (start singing). Is stated there, only the original copy will be entertain.

Librarian: Erm.....

Me: Please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Librarian: Alright. Fine.

Me: Oh!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

That's how i got it.

Anyway, today lab was damn easy. I finally hand in my report and went to Tesco after that with Michell, Spiky and Ah-Hua. It was raining but we just ignored it. KFC for dinner. Buy some stuffs and got back home.


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