Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just another short update

Ah~~~Air-con is the best invention on earth.

Yesterday was kinda rush because the night before my flight, there was a black out in Westlake.
Because everything was so dark and i couldn't even see my own fingers.
I went to sleep without packing my stuff.

The next morning i rushed to the KTM just on time for my train to KL.
Reach KL Central at 12pm and met up with Chris.
Reach LCCT at 1.25pm and eaten our lunch at Marrybrown.
Flight at 3pm and reached Miri by 5pm.
Chris send me back home and my brother was the only one at home.

Dad came back after a while and asked me to get dress up.
Turn out, his company is holding an Annual Party.

Reached home by 10.30pm.
Mum was at the kitchen washing dishes and the first word she said is

'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hairs is too longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! You needs a hair-cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

My respond, 'Oh~~NO~~NO~~NO~~'

There is no way i'll fall again into your trap.......I'm smart now.....

Well, dad screaming outside asking me get dress again. =_=|| hmmp....

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