Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm back with better vision one test down, 3 more to go and 3 more assignments. Duh.......all these are ripping my brain into pieces.

Doesn't feel like talking recently because i seems to pronounce every words that came out from my mouth weirdly. The retainer is making my life miserable. Pain pain all that speak.

It'd been 2 days since i'm back to boring old town Kampar. Now with a better vision, i finally see things much clearer. My friend said it doesn't look good on me. I think is too big for me too. So, what you think?

Well, whatever....since this is what i got myself and i'm just so gonna stick with it. Anyway, spot my messy hairs. friend call it 'Micheal Jackson' hair. I tot it was pretty cute. Wahahaha.....

Gotta go practice more on this.....
I'm practicing on a new song now......wakakakaka......Ciao~~~

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