Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is the beginning of my Week 3 semester and i........

Break a god damn thermometer!!!!

Yeah! Now i gotta paid for what i'd destroyed! I'm leading a very pathetic life in Kampar here.
This blog is all covered up with my whining and grumping and complaint and all bull shit!!!

Well...well...well....let see what we have for little Gyee now.

Yesterday while in the lab, i need to heat up my phenol inside a water bath until the temperature reaches 55 but before i'm able to put in my test tube, the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER rolled off from the water bath and broke!!!!

Well, if you read that part you'll probably thinking that i'm the one who put that GOD DAMN THERMOMETER there. If you though so, then you are wrong.

First, i got my lab partner beside me and she's holding our thermometer.
Second, the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER was already there lying on top of the water bath like this. I'd draw a plan view of it.
Third, both of my hand were holding my test tube holders.

So, before i put in my test tube into the water bath, the tail of my test tube came into contact with the tail of that GOD DAMN THERMOMETER and i heard 'DING!!!!' (midi from HELL) and then the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER started to roll and fall off and break with Mercury splashing out.

I reported immediately and the lecturer just came and said,

' Back off everyone. The mercury is highly toxic. Don't come near it.'

=_=||| as if she's not 'TOO' close to it.

Anyway, i know i'm the one who is to blame.
I should have notice that GOD DAMN THERMOMETER lying there and put it down before putting in my test tubes. You should not blame the driver who 'ZOOM' pass you very quickly and splashed a pool of water on you while you're waiting inside the bus station because you should have seen it coming. Right?

Arghh.....i can just say i'm very very unlucky to join a bunch of twerps with terrible lab practice!!!!!! Cant they be more careful? Whose the hell would place a thermometer on top of the water bath???? Don't your secondary science teacher ever told you to place back the equipments onto it original place immediately after using it?

Ever since i started my lab work in Kampar, i'd never stop complaining about the students here with terrible lab practice.

They poured a chemical solution out from it bottle without considering which side the liquid substances must flown out. C'mon!!!! Don't you know that you must find where's the label is and place your palm on the side where the label is before pouring???

That day, i needed to collect 25ml of sodium hydroxide. I went to the chamber and when i found what i'm looking for. I don't even know where i should hold the bottle. It look like this.
Hello~~~~!!!!! Degree student or secondary student????

And there're more, see this photo below
Hello~~~~The burette is higher than your head. Dont tell me you want to practice your teh tarik skill like the man below. And what's that conical flask doing up there? Don't you know that you must remove it immediately after you're not pouring in anything???

And this is even more unforgivable!!! The lab officer coming into the lab without lab coat, holding a bottle of sulphur on his hand and passed it to Rainnie and sped off. What??? Are you asking Rannie to clear the mess up for you??? Hello?? Who's the lab officer now?

10 minutes after i broke the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER. Mercury remains on the desk and is still not cover up with sulphur. Hello????? I tot Mercury was highly toxic???

I'm so damn angry after breaking the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER that i yelled at the guy who accused me of splashing mercury all over his desk.

This is a false convictions fall disproportionately upon me.
Defendants should be presumed innocent until proven guilty!!!!


Next time, i'm going to bring along my camera and capture every crime these twerps conducted in lab. There's one fellow throwing thing inside the lab as if he's a 3 years old. (Rolling my eyes)

Whining completed. Signing off to campus.

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  1. Eh...your blog de timing not right de ?

    "1st Feb, posted time 4.26pm," we still at school neh ! Go do something with your time de setting lar. Zzzzz

    BTW, you forgot to mention about the happenings inside fume chamber. Inside was full of small beakers half-filled with unknown solutions. I dunno which one is acid, which is phenol ler.

    Plus, phenol waste bottle oredi overflow, but so late only got people report to lecturer. Zzzz....



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