Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gotta put more effort!!!!

I didn't do much reading recently. Guess that explain why i'm stuck halfway trying to figure out the right word, the right phrase for my medical report. Today, i went for my third French class and is pretty obvious that my French is still suck. Gotta put more effort on that......

Later at the evening, as usual Spiky called up for dinner so we went to Maha Maju and later met up at his house to practice on the Chinese Flute. We practice for 3 hours and there're quite a number of things we've figured out on our own. Most importantly, 'ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER'. That's the number one rule you must imply or else you'll gonna end up having difficulty in breathing or dizziness in your head.

Before i end this post, a happy chap goh mey to all chinese. ^_^

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