Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is the French Week~~~

Yesterday while in class, my French lecturer interest me on a news that i think is pretty interesting. If he doesn't mentioned about it, i wouldn't even know the existent of such event in Malaysia.

Well, here's a brief introduction regarding the event, pretty astonish because of the number 15. Is the 15th French week held in Malaysia!

"CELEBRATED every year worldwide, the French-language Week in Malaysia has been a success thanks to the commitment of 23 different diplomatic missions represented in Kuala Lumpur as members of the International Organisation of the Francophonie: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Ghana, Guinea, Laos, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritius, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam

The French-language Week aims to promote the various French-speaking countries represented in Malaysia as well as the French language. It also intends to provide moral support and encouragement to Malaysians speaking or studying the language, providing them with opportunities to practise the language."

And here's the information of the upcoming events begin from March 20, till March 25.

1. Reggae/ dance hall concert performed by a Senegalese artiste and guests from France, Malaysia, and Canada.

Date: Saturday, March 20

Time: 10.30pm onwards

Venue: The Reggae Bar, 31 Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

For more details, call 03-2053-5564.

2. Buffet de la Francophonie Rendezvous in the garden of the Alliance FranÁaise to enjoy a buffet of dishes from different countries.

Date: Sunday, March 21

Time: 11am to 2pm.

Venue: Alliance Franáaise of Kuala Lumpur, 15, Lorong Gurney, Kuala Lumpur.

Free admission. For registration, call 03-2053-5500.

3. Exhibition and sale of Senegalese handicraft

Date: Friday, March 19 to Friday, March 26

Venue: Alliance FranÁaise of Kuala Lumpur, 15, Lorong Gurney, Kuala Lumpur

Free admission.

4. Guided tours in French at Muzium Negara Museum Volunteers Malaysia hosted by Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur.

Date: March 22 till March 24

Time: 9am to 12.30pm for students and scholars.

Venue: Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur

5. Talk in French “Barus : une ancienne place marchande de l’ocèan indien Sumatra, 12ème - 17ème siècle” by Dr Daniel Perret from French School of Asian Studies, Kuala Lumpur and guided tours in French by the French-speaking guides of the Association of Volunteers Malaysia.

Date: Tuesday, March 23

Time: 7pm

Venue: Muzium Negara Kuala Lumpur

Free admission. For registration, call 03-2053-5500.

6. Short movies evening at FINAS Screening of short movies from different countries, members of the OIF: Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, France, Mauritius, Morocco, Romania, Senegal, Switzerland, Vietnam.

Date: Wednesday, March 24

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: FINAS, Lot 1662, Bt 8, Jalan Hulu Kelang, Ampang Free admission. For registration, call 03-2053-5500.

7. Talks in French “La cartographie asiatique non occidentale” by Dr Frèdèric Durand, Universitè Toulouse II-Le Mirail.

“Les pantouns malais dans la littèrature française” by Serge Jardin.

Date: Thursday, March 25

Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Venue: Drawing Room, Carcosa Seri Negara, Taman Tasik Perdana KL Free admission.

For registration, call 03-2053-5564.

8. Closing of the 15th French-Language Week Award presentation to winners of the French-language week quiz
contest “Bon Appètit!” published in NST.

*sources from NST online.

I wanted to join the contest but i dont have the form. Anyone here got the 25 Feb,2010, NST newspaper. I'll be glad if you can cut out the quiz form and give it me. ^_^ hehehe.....

Anyway, the quiz questions are all published in the news already, is all about French foods, dishes and so on. Just give the correct answer in French and you stand a chance to win tickets!!!! To where? See for yourself......

1st prize: Air ticket to France with one week language course and accommodation
2nd prize: Air ticket to Switzerland with 5 nights accommodation and 4 day rail pass
3rd prize: Air ticket to Egypt with one week accommodation and entries to tourist sites
4th prize: Air ticket to Mauritius with one week accommodation

5th and 6th prize: 2 vouchers for 2 pax for ‘High Tea’ at Carcosa Seri Negara
7th to 12th prize: Vouchers from Kinokuniya
Consolation prizes: Books, Cds, DVDs, t-shirts, etc….

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......!!!! With accommodation somemore.....

Beside this handwritten quiz, there's radio quiz as well....check this out....

Mon 30 Mar - Fri 3 Apr (7-9am):

Quiz on Lite FM, one question per day, testing knowledge on the French speaking world and the international organization of French speaking countries (OIF). Information to answer the questions will be posted on the Lite FM website.

Every day, the winner will be rewarded with the following package: 1 digital photo frame, 1 table clock, 1 t-shirt,
1 aircraft model.<--------Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I want!!! I want!!!! I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed 1 Apr (7-9am):

French class on Hitz FM. All listeners can participate by sending questions via SMS.

Well, gotta go work on my French.......Ciao~~~~~~

Gotta put more effort!!!!

I didn't do much reading recently. Guess that explain why i'm stuck halfway trying to figure out the right word, the right phrase for my medical report. Today, i went for my third French class and is pretty obvious that my French is still suck. Gotta put more effort on that......

Later at the evening, as usual Spiky called up for dinner so we went to Maha Maju and later met up at his house to practice on the Chinese Flute. We practice for 3 hours and there're quite a number of things we've figured out on our own. Most importantly, 'ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER'. That's the number one rule you must imply or else you'll gonna end up having difficulty in breathing or dizziness in your head.

Before i end this post, a happy chap goh mey to all chinese. ^_^

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm back with better vision one test down, 3 more to go and 3 more assignments. Duh.......all these are ripping my brain into pieces.

Doesn't feel like talking recently because i seems to pronounce every words that came out from my mouth weirdly. The retainer is making my life miserable. Pain pain all that speak.

It'd been 2 days since i'm back to boring old town Kampar. Now with a better vision, i finally see things much clearer. My friend said it doesn't look good on me. I think is too big for me too. So, what you think?

Well, whatever....since this is what i got myself and i'm just so gonna stick with it. Anyway, spot my messy hairs. friend call it 'Micheal Jackson' hair. I tot it was pretty cute. Wahahaha.....

Gotta go practice more on this.....
I'm practicing on a new song now......wakakakaka......Ciao~~~

Monday, February 22, 2010

I am a jerk

Way back in 2006, i'm furious with almost everything. I felt that there is nothing worth left in my life. I'm a totally loser and i believe that nothing is going to turn out right. Nothing good would ever happen on me again. I'm a living zombie. The only thing i'm good at is to drunk myself away from reality. I live like this for years. I make the peoples around me suffer to feel better. Throughout those years, the only person who stand by me and listened to my whining is 'her'. Always giving me advices, believing in me and always telling me not to stop believing in myself, always telling me that giving up is not the options.

She typed me an email which i still kept until this day. I just read it and yeah...i felt like a jerk now. I'm not a good friend.

"i know Gyee is a very special
girl...she used to be a very happy and cool girl...i think she's the
greatest girl i ever meet in my whole life...honestly,she's a very strong
girl and i knew it since the first time we talked to each other...u r always
the one that supports us,me and gracie..i remember that coz whenevr we are
not in the mood to study, the strong and happy gyee will fly all the
way around thw world and help us out...she's our life saver..and i shall
never forget it when the time u help me and gracie do revision for the
biology although u urself need to do urown revision but u still come and
helps us ...again..u r the angel of our heart...the point now is,i want to
see the old gyee..not the kind that is low spirit...and sad
looking girl..i know deep inside ur heart u r not that kinda person.."

"so,what u should do now is stand up and be
ur own real gyee, not the hiding tortoise...okay?? believe me..u can do
it..and i trust u...the most important thing is U MUST GET UR LIFE BACK!!

Well, that's part of the content. Growing up, i'm used to being alone and quiet. I don't speak much and is very shy around peoples but that doesn't means i don't have friends. I'd met quite a numbers of them but always NONE will remained long enough in my life. Whenever, the relationship start to blossom, there must be some incidents that stopped everything. It's always either he's moving, she's transferring, i'm moving, he's transferring or even the worst, 'death'. So slowly, i shut myself up and simply just think that it's not worth the effort to make friend with peoples anymore.

This post is dedicated to you. You know who you are. ^_^ Because i couldn't make it on time doesn't means that i do not treasure ours friendship. You are the best existence ever in my life, nono, the best existence should be save for my prince charming,, you're the best(infinite) friend i've ever met. You're moving on to a new good start so let's cherish the moment together and i wish you all the best in near future. I should have say this to you a long time ago, well i guess is not too late to say it now although it's not something i think i would do.

Bon Vayages like the French says. Yeah, i'm a jerk for breaking promises but i hope this will mend whatever i'd broken. Hehe....

Good luck~~~~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad genes........

Saw this note pasted on the monitor and i think i just discovered the reason why i couldn't write Mandarin words properly.

Is derived from mum genes.....

Gotta go get bath now. Ciao.....

Oh....before i forgot. I'd finally say Bye Bye to my braces......and Hello to my retainer.....

Ah....missing the old life with braces now...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pending Pending Pending

Pending pending pending......everything is on pending mode.

Current mood is lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy.......

Doesn't feel like doing anything at the moment. Just felt like sleep sleep sleep sleep........

=_= oh yeah~~

shit got test =_=|||

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just another short update

Ah~~~Air-con is the best invention on earth.

Yesterday was kinda rush because the night before my flight, there was a black out in Westlake.
Because everything was so dark and i couldn't even see my own fingers.
I went to sleep without packing my stuff.

The next morning i rushed to the KTM just on time for my train to KL.
Reach KL Central at 12pm and met up with Chris.
Reach LCCT at 1.25pm and eaten our lunch at Marrybrown.
Flight at 3pm and reached Miri by 5pm.
Chris send me back home and my brother was the only one at home.

Dad came back after a while and asked me to get dress up.
Turn out, his company is holding an Annual Party.

Reached home by 10.30pm.
Mum was at the kitchen washing dishes and the first word she said is

'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hairs is too longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! You needs a hair-cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

My respond, 'Oh~~NO~~NO~~NO~~'

There is no way i'll fall again into your trap.......I'm smart now.....

Well, dad screaming outside asking me get dress again. =_=|| hmmp....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good luck BITCH!!!!

This is just so hard to believe. Got an email from Siao Ming and the message really gave me goosebumps!!!

Bitch!!! Yeah!!! She's a bitch!!!!

Wish you all the best....bitch....

P/S~One day, i'll be the captain of your flight!! Wakakakaka!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Yeah, is just around the corner...and here's a video.......pretty funny. Enjoy!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things to do before the beginning of Week 4

Okay, let's see

1) Apply for leave
2) Print out the bus ticket
3) Buy KTM ticket to KL
4) Hang in report on Monday
5) Prepare for Biodiversity's Quiz
6) Buy a flute
7) Pay UTAR bill
8) Pay house rental
9) Return Kalai's Punjabi
10) Repair my bicycle

Erm.....seem not hard but why am i lagging???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is the beginning of my Week 3 semester and i........

Break a god damn thermometer!!!!

Yeah! Now i gotta paid for what i'd destroyed! I'm leading a very pathetic life in Kampar here.
This blog is all covered up with my whining and grumping and complaint and all bull shit!!!

Well...well...well....let see what we have for little Gyee now.

Yesterday while in the lab, i need to heat up my phenol inside a water bath until the temperature reaches 55 but before i'm able to put in my test tube, the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER rolled off from the water bath and broke!!!!

Well, if you read that part you'll probably thinking that i'm the one who put that GOD DAMN THERMOMETER there. If you though so, then you are wrong.

First, i got my lab partner beside me and she's holding our thermometer.
Second, the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER was already there lying on top of the water bath like this. I'd draw a plan view of it.
Third, both of my hand were holding my test tube holders.

So, before i put in my test tube into the water bath, the tail of my test tube came into contact with the tail of that GOD DAMN THERMOMETER and i heard 'DING!!!!' (midi from HELL) and then the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER started to roll and fall off and break with Mercury splashing out.

I reported immediately and the lecturer just came and said,

' Back off everyone. The mercury is highly toxic. Don't come near it.'

=_=||| as if she's not 'TOO' close to it.

Anyway, i know i'm the one who is to blame.
I should have notice that GOD DAMN THERMOMETER lying there and put it down before putting in my test tubes. You should not blame the driver who 'ZOOM' pass you very quickly and splashed a pool of water on you while you're waiting inside the bus station because you should have seen it coming. Right?

Arghh.....i can just say i'm very very unlucky to join a bunch of twerps with terrible lab practice!!!!!! Cant they be more careful? Whose the hell would place a thermometer on top of the water bath???? Don't your secondary science teacher ever told you to place back the equipments onto it original place immediately after using it?

Ever since i started my lab work in Kampar, i'd never stop complaining about the students here with terrible lab practice.

They poured a chemical solution out from it bottle without considering which side the liquid substances must flown out. C'mon!!!! Don't you know that you must find where's the label is and place your palm on the side where the label is before pouring???

That day, i needed to collect 25ml of sodium hydroxide. I went to the chamber and when i found what i'm looking for. I don't even know where i should hold the bottle. It look like this.
Hello~~~~!!!!! Degree student or secondary student????

And there're more, see this photo below
Hello~~~~The burette is higher than your head. Dont tell me you want to practice your teh tarik skill like the man below. And what's that conical flask doing up there? Don't you know that you must remove it immediately after you're not pouring in anything???

And this is even more unforgivable!!! The lab officer coming into the lab without lab coat, holding a bottle of sulphur on his hand and passed it to Rainnie and sped off. What??? Are you asking Rannie to clear the mess up for you??? Hello?? Who's the lab officer now?

10 minutes after i broke the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER. Mercury remains on the desk and is still not cover up with sulphur. Hello????? I tot Mercury was highly toxic???

I'm so damn angry after breaking the GOD DAMN THERMOMETER that i yelled at the guy who accused me of splashing mercury all over his desk.

This is a false convictions fall disproportionately upon me.
Defendants should be presumed innocent until proven guilty!!!!


Next time, i'm going to bring along my camera and capture every crime these twerps conducted in lab. There's one fellow throwing thing inside the lab as if he's a 3 years old. (Rolling my eyes)

Whining completed. Signing off to campus.


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