Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is so unforgiveable!!!!

I just discovered that i blog when i'm angry and YEAH!!! I'M ONE HELL DAMN ANGRY BITCH RIGHT NOW THAT I CAN CURSE THE WHOLE WORLD TO DEATH!!!

Even 'IT' gone. 'IT' still continue to haunt me. Oh well, 'IT' do it without effort!!! We'll just assumed that this person as 'IT'.

I'm doing my Properties of Matter report right now and half way through all those complicated calculation. I'll need to draw a graph in order to complete the damn calculation but when i looked inside my drawer i just couldn't find my graph paper.

Since last semester is all about those communication subjects, i didn't used my graph paper for 1 sem. And today when i needed it, it was gone! Not there anymore! I looked everywhere for it but is nowhere to be seen. I'm very positive where i'd left it.

I do remember that 'IT' borrowed mine when 'IT' needed to plot a graph for its study because 'IT' graph paper was run out.

Now my graph papers were all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seem like someone been using it without my permission and didn't even bother to return what he/she had borrowed. 'IT' attitude is already turning peoples off and 'IT' ways of 'borrowing' thing from other doesn't make any different from A THIEF!!!!

Is not that i'm stingy or what to kick up such a big fuss over this kind of matter. I just hate it when my concentration on my study was disturbed and also hate those peoples who borrowed stuffs from me and never return it AND THOSE WHO BORROW WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!!

Take for example, someone borrowed my Japanese notes and returned it to me with some of the notes missing. When i asked him/her about it, him/her just told me that my note was with one of his/her friends. AHA!!! This is something more hateful!!!! Borrow others stuff to others that the owner doesn't even know theirs existence. Of course, until now i still haven't get back my notes yet.

More example, friend who borrowed my CD and returned it to me, SPOILED!!! and didn't even bother to apologize!!!

And more example, friend who borrowed my DVD, CD and never return!!!

More and more example, my mum donating my clothes to charity without asking my permission.

More and more and more example, asking me to lent them some money and never pay back!!!!

Ok!!! Now you'll understand why i'm so angry right now!!!

This is all so unforgivable!!!!!!!!!! I just hope that 'IT' would stop spark on my nerves and triggered a series of matters!!!!!!! Now i'll have to wait until tomolo before i can complete my report and DAMN IT!!! TOMOLO THERE'LL BE ANOTHER NEW REPORT TO WORK ON.


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  1. iknew exactly how you feel cos my labworks involve a lot of similar stuff like you too.. tell you when CNY.



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