Sunday, January 17, 2010

Start out fresh!

Alright, so it was the beginning of another new semester!!!!
Time to push the reset button!!!
A fresh start!!!

I arrived in Kampar yesterday noon sharp at 4.30pm. The first thing i do is to look into the mail box and i found this...........

I was damn shock!!! My gosh!!! It'd been 14 days!!! Don't tell me my parcel is deliver back to Selangor!!! Immediately i called the hotline of Pos Malaysia. A man told me i still have time to collect the parcel before it was sent back to the sender.

Phew~~~!!! But damn it!!! Tomolo is Sunday!!

I'll need to collect it on Monday then. Pray hard now!!!
Please don't send back my parcel to Selangor!!!!

Just checked my timetable and tomolo class begin sharp at 8am. = =|||
Whose gonna wake me up?


Class end at 7pm.
Yipee!!!! Finally, the sun won't greet me again after class.

Anyway, one of the subject is missing. I'll need to drop by the office again.


To the pos office.

This is gonna be a very good start of my new semester
kind of

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