Friday, January 22, 2010

A reminder to myself and to an imbecile!!!!

  • lecture ended at 7pm today
  • Professor Shit was not that bad after all
  • Don't understand why UTAR make us pay for our Laboratory Manual since we've never pay for it ever since Foundation.
  • Timetable still remains the same although i'd been to the Faculty office several time (maybe is time i rip off the office door)
  • Finally there're only a few thing left incomplete for my Orchestra backdrop.
  • Properties of matter was quite interesting (tot it was going to focus on Quantum Mechanical stuff)
  • Met some cool friends today
  • Finally, that particular STINGY head still didn't want to specific his/her intention.
  • Blood donation campaign is the last day tomolo. Going to campus tomolo for it and probably I WONT BE BACK UNTIL 1AM!!!!!

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