Monday, January 18, 2010

Professor Shit was my Biodiversity lecturer. SHIT man!!!

Line was pretty bad. I wonder whose the hell eating all the bandwidth. Curse that guys/girls to hell!!!! to eternity!!!! to his/her coming generation!!!! I just want to update my blog. Cant you guys just stop eating all my bandwidth and go eat somewhere else...or someone else.......whatsoever....

The new semester did not start out good. Class was cancel today and the lecturer for my Biodiversity was that 'Kuai Lan' Professor. I called him Professor Shit. Why? Because us, Chinese will refer the face of someone who never smile to '臭脸' which means smelly. The only thing that is smelly and never going to smell nice was SHIT. So, i called him Professor Shit. Wat a good name, isn't it?

Anyway, this Professor Shit remember my name pretty well. Now i'm so gonna be extra careful. There's never good stuff happen to me when this Professor Shit was around. Pray hard now.

So, i got no class for tomolo but still i plan to join others class. Just to be a keppo. Wakaka......
By the way, i went to collect my parcel and this is what inside.

Wakaka...this is the first ever purchase i made online. Cool~~~~


  1. why so crumpled one... how's the quality?

  2. It was folded. That's why! And i havent iron it yet. Wakakakaka!!!!



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