Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've had enough!!!!

Am damn angry now i felt like exploding!!! What the heck!!!!

I just checked my timetable and guess what? My timetable was shifted!!!! I arranged the time myself but some moron had shifted it for me without asking me whether it is convenience to me or not!!!!!

Moron!!!! Leaving one bad impression is enough!!! We don't needs two to highlight more on your mistakes!!!! C'mone UTAR!!!! When will you learn????

One of the subject i'd registered for is missing.
I'd logged in my complaint a month ago and until now there's still no reply.
I went to the office and register again yesterday and today my timetable was shifted without the new subject added.

What is this all about??? Revenge?? Hello UTAR officer! You are pay to do this job man! I didn't own you anything ok~~~!!!

I'm so gonna report this to the Dean office! I've had enough!!!!


  1. Yo.. I support you.. but hoh.. I don't think it's possible for them to inform every student. Maybe there has already been changes towards the timetable tat's why you see a missing subject.

  2. My friend is experiencing the same thing. They delete one of his lecture and didn't add up. Lagi geng!!!!



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