Thursday, January 21, 2010

I hate S-T-I-N-G-Y peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate those who expect me to call them back as if i'm the one who owned them. If you need a favor from me, call me or at least leave me a message. Do you expect me to call you back and ask something like this?

'Yes? You are looking for me? Anything important?'

Sorry! I'm so not going to do this! Is not that i own you or anything. You are the one asking for a favor now, so at least be smart but not stingy! Calling or leaving a text message is not going to burn a big hole in your pocket. If you call me earlier or at least leave me a message, i can still make the necessary arrangement for you. I dislike peoples who suddenly demand an urgent needs to see me but leave me no clues on what the purpose of meeting is, when and where.

It literally drove me insane today when this particular person demanded to meet me up but even when i leave him/her a message. Him/her didn't even bother to reply!

Tonight i have a meeting with my fellow Orchestra club members so i'm not going to be at home. That's the reason i left a message asking him/her what the purpose of meeting is. See!!!! I'm already good enough to spend RM0.15 to text him/her which i bear no reason to do so. It should be done by him/her and yet turn out i'm the one who's doing it! WTF!!!!!

I'd seen many stingy old folks in my life before but this particular person is really one of a kind. I just cant stop rolling my eyes when i thought of this. What in this world is wrong? Already the stupid UTAR timetable stuff is making my life miserable and also the one week leave i gotta apply before going back for Chinese New Year. Skipping class is not something i fancy doing but i have no choice. Stupid University never though of those student from East Malaysia. My schedule were damn tight i felt like hanging myself!

Expect a cold eyes from me. I WILL turn my back on you and walk off if you expect me to be the one waiting for you as if my times is not counted in hours, minutes and seconds!!!!!!


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  1. wu.. calmed down.. let me just tell you something, just now i was doing my lab works and someone called me, since I didn't pick up the phone on time so I called back. the person did not pick up and cut my phone off. after tat i received an sms asking me who m i? WTH!! So i ignored him/her instantly. wat idiot



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