Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cant wait to get out!

Life should be pretty great when you got tons of worthwhile stuff to do.


Life can be pretty hectic when you are stuck with a bunch of aliens that speak in a languange that you cant understand.

The only good stuff i can think of for this passed few weeks after landing my feet on this hilltop was picking up Myammar languange. The rest is a waste of my effort and i dont think i could get any benefits from. I'm not going to complaint about anything because this is what i've planned to do for this holiday.

The first few days were pretty nice and after one weeks, thing slowly started to change. They take things for granted!!!!!! There's no sign of appreciation and there's no sign of understanding. Not forgetting some other issues like courtesy.

The only topic that woman are interested into was 'Gossip', 'Gossip' and more 'Gossip'.
The only topic that men are interested into was 'Gossip', 'Gossip' and still 'Gossip'.
(Rolling my eyes)

The culture here were pretty stuck in the 80's. Human brains were still badly in needs of a constructor. I wonder when the residents here can be more civilized and more 'developed' just like the new-look the town got for itself not long ago.

I've been wondering what is the best thing they got to offer here for this whole day and finally i got the answer.

You arrived here today and the next day, you found strangers greeting you when you passed by theirs house or theirs shop or just wandering around the street. So, dont worry about getting know. These folk can show you your way home. Trust me. Some even know the exact roof you're in.

RumoursNews spread around faster then the speed of light with 50% of the content true so you get to learnt about the latest news very( 100%) fast.

Wondering where the others 50% goes? Well, it's save for more space to grow mar......

Guys shared the same interest as just the women did, so there's no need to worry about not having the same topic to chat on.

Just speak 'Excuse me' to a stranger when he/she is blocking your way. The next day you'll be upgrade to theirs god/goddess. Well, god/goddess of 'hao lian' which means 'showing off'.

It is very easy to know who was interested to be your friends. They tend to speak louder then is neccessary to attract your attention or 'shout' up to 5 foul words in a sentence( only an idiot to the extreme can do so ).

Anyway, i'll be back with more stuff to update on. I'm not feeling happy this few day after knowing my result. I feels like i'm being fooled. Fooled by my own confident. Lesson learnt here, never ever trusted what your instinct told you and just put your faith on others. Pray hard for good luck and pray harder for more bad luck to others. Then you'll get theirs luck. Wahahaha.....Evil

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