Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blood!!! Come back!!!!!

I thought i'm not eligible for this but turn out is okay with me. Since the UTAR officer pissed me off and i got nothing better else to do then to wait for my AA class to finish, i'd went to this Blood Donation Campaign. A helper outside the front door weighed me, asked me some questions and told me to fill up a form.

I was number 78 in the line so instead of waiting nervously inside watching the rest getting poke one after another by the 'white ghost', i went for my lunch. I have no idea how the process is going to be like since i'd never been 'through' one ( was always told by the nurse to save the blood for myself ). Well, i first acknowledged of this campaign from Sau Ting and she eagerly asked me to joined this campaign as the helper. I registered myself but was later informed by the person in charge that they already have enough helper. She asked me to donate blood instead.

I remember teasing Spiky during dinner time when he said he doesn't have the guts. The rest asked me whether i will or will not? I reply confidently, 'Yes i will!!!!' yet, the true is, 'Cei~~~I'm pretty sure i'll be told the same thing again. There's nothing to be afraid of.'

Confidently, i went to the counter after lunch believing that i will be told the same old thing again. Unlike the last time, this time it is a doctor who checked the basic health status a person needed to possessed before he/she is granted the chance to get poke. The young doctor asked me some questions, measured my blood pressure twice =_=, measured my glucose level twice =_=, signed the form i'd filled and asked me to go to the next counter.

So, an old man poke a hole on my finger and tested my blood type. 'B' , he said aloud and asked me to go to the next counter. Another old man asked me whether it is my first time donating blood and given me a little red book which recorded my blood type as 'A' =_=||| (Well, i only realized this when i got back home). Then a nurse gave me a basket filled up with the necessary stuff and i was told to wait for my turn.

At first sign of the basket, the word 'Uh-Oh' run into my mind and i start to ask myself silly question. So, it is that i was approved to donate blood this time?? But wait, i'm not suppose to be able to. Then what the heck is this stuff doing on my hand now. Hey wait, this thing say '300mL'. What!!!! 300mL. I'll be death!!!! I'll faint!!! and what are they going to do to me after that if i really faint? Wait a minute, are they going to poke more holes on me and insert blood back to me. NooooooOOOooooo~~~~

Then i focus my eyes on those nurses and those being poked right at that very moment.
What the heck!!!!! That needle is so big!!!! What!!!! Dont they have a smaller one? Hey wait! What's that long long pipe doing there!!! Now, where's the door???

Then i check back my form again and saw what the doctor had written there.

'This person is eligible to donate up to 400mL of blood'

O_O||||| I was dumbstruck.

Maybe gaining weight also means a larger bone marrow and more hemoglobins but wait a minute, did i just read 400mL? Immediately, i checked that thing that are suppose to be carrying my blood. I donno what it's called and the label read 300mL. Phew~~lucky is not 400 but 300. Phew~~~

Then, i heard 'Gyee Jong!!!!'.


No, is not me. Is just another person having the same name as......

'Gyee Jong!!!!!'

Nope, is not me.


Bullshit!!!!!! I'll just pretend like i'm reading sms.

'Aha. So you're here. Is your turn now. Come with me.' the helper said.
=_=|||| and only then i realized i got a big UTAR tag hanging down my neck.

'Erm, just a minute. How do you know is me?' I asked. ( i curse you lady )
'Well, i saw your number.' She said.

=_=||| Okay, so there's no where to run and i was taken by the white ghost and was told to lied down. I said 'Hi' to the Utar staff beside me and his friends told me not to be afraid. It doesn't really hurt that much. I do not believe them and started to argue.

'Are you sure?', i asked while raising one of my eye's brow.
'Yeah, just don't look at the needle.', they said.
'If i don't look at it how am i suppose to know how she poke me. If she poke me on the wrong place i'll be death.', i said.
'Don't worry, they are professional. Just dont look at the needle and you wont feel the pain.', they said.
'I hope so, but i'll still look at how she inject me', i said.
'You're brave.', they said.

Then the nurse tight my arm and started hitting my arm trying her best to find my blood vessel.

'Hehe, sorry ah nurse. Saya hitam sikit. Kamu cari betul-betul ah. Selalu, nurse suka cincai poke. Selalu saya kena poke banyak kali baru dapat.' i said.

The nurse just smile and continue on her work and she poked me without saying much. Then she took out the needle and throw it into the dustbin and i shouted, 'Oh no!!! She's going to poke me again and again!'

Turn out she was just giving anesthetic to me before the real injection. The moment the big needle plucked open my skin and penetrated deeper into my fragile blood vessel, there's only one thing going through my mind.

Nah~~~~!!! I can do this a hundred time. Cei~~~kicking my leg on the desk is even painful than this.

The process did not use up a lot of time. I think it just a few minutes not more than 10. Saw my blood being carry away by the nurse and the selfish me started screaming inside my head,' Hey! Come back. That's mine. Give me back! Is my blood man!!! Dont you dare lay a hand on it. Come back! Blood!!! My hemo!!!'
I just felt a little bit cramp on my arm and a little dizzy. Overall, is fine and i got myself a certificate to prove my heroin act.
199 times! Yep! Is true!

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  1. I tried 3 times but never success... Hurrray!!!



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