Friday, January 22, 2010

BITCH in the Faculty of Genral Office!!!!!!

I do not understand why UTAR recruited a bitch and placed this bitch to the General Office where she gotta deal with all those students matter that requires patient and punctuality in order to complete the job. Well, this bitch has a very serious attitude problem.

It'd been a month and 4 days ever since the last time i logged in my complaint and yet the problem is still not solve!

I went to the office again this morning and raised the same old question. Well, you read yourself and tell me whether i am kicking up a big fuss for it or not?

Me: Hello. Anyone in the office? (Since there's no sign of any officer inside)
Bitch: Yes?
Me: I drop by to ask about the process of the unit course i'd registered for, well it'd been a month since the day i raised the problem here and i'd been here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and yet i still haven't been given any reply yet on the matter. I'm pretty curious now since it'd been a week and i'm still not knowing how long i should be waiting.
Bitch:'Did you fill up the Add/Drop form?'
Me:Yes. I already filled up four of it.
Bitch:'Which Faculty and which course unit?'
Me: 'FS, BT, English For Science'
Bitch:'Just wait.'
Me:'How long should i wait?'
Bitch: Just wait.
Me: 'No, i wanted to know how long i should wait.'
Bitch: We cannot give you a reply now since we have a lot of work to handle.
Me: 'I'd been waiting for a month.'
Bitch: 'You're a flexi student right?'
Me: 'Yes'
Bitch:'Then you should have register for the unit yourself.'
Me: 'Is not that i didn't register for it. There's available place for lecture but not tutorial and the system itself just wouldn't allow me to register for the subject. So i'd came here the next day immediately even before the course registeration was called off.
Bitch:'You have to understand that sometime it is not our problem. Some student who are not suppose to register for the course had registered for it and taken the place of other students'
Me: 'You're not getting what i meant here. I don't care who taken whose places. I just want to know how long i still have to wait before i can get myself a damn place i'm already paying for and still not getting what i'd paid for. Somemore, you have to understand that i'm rather curious now because it had been A MONTH MORE i'm waiting.
Bitch: Just wait, i think it can be done next week.
Me: Next week. End of next week?
Bitch: Is next week.
Me: It is possible for you to do it for me now?
Bitch: No
Me: I have a friend who is having the same problem as me and he'd been here yesterday and he told me that his problem was solved and the officer had registered the subject for him right here immediately after he told the officer the problem.
Bitch: Your friend is from which faculty
Me: Same as me. FS, BT and he's register for the same subject.
Bitch turning to the other officer inside the office.
Bitch: XXX, did you register for a student from BT the course subject Eng For SCI yesterday?
Dumb: NO i didn't.
Bitch: See, NO~~~~~
Me: Look here. I just want it to be done as soon as possible. I dont want to miss out another lecture or tutorial you know. I only raised the problem to you here because the officer is the one whose have to deal with this kind of matter. I'm not seeking for trouble here. Not unless you want me to turn to those who might be in a better position to help me with this matter.
Bitch: You can just join any lecture and tutorial you likes.
Me: How about my attendance? How about my assignment? If i doesn't have a group, i couldn't even join anyone for the assignment? You gotta understand that. I just don't understand why the officer can do it for him but not me.
Bitch: Just wait. We'll get it done next week.
Me: Look here. I want it done before the beginning of Week 2 not the End of week 2. You get that?
Bitch: We'll get it done next week.
Me:' Alright. Look like i'll just have to wait for 6days or 7 days or maybe.....i think is better i turn to someone else. Thank you for your time. Bye.

I went outside and called Rainnie and he told me that the officer who'd registered for him was a short hair plum size Chinese lady. Exactly a 100% match of that BITCH. I saw Sau Ting and Her Ming outside and i told them what happened so Sau Ting suggested me to turn to my AA for help.

Turn out my AA is the Deputy Dean officer of Faculty of Science which means in another word the big boss of that bitch. Wuahahahahahahaha.....god by my side. She's going to die hard now!!!! Serve her right!!!! Buahahahahahahhaha...........

I donno what my AA is going to do to her but at least he's acknowledged of such happening now.

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