Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hate report!!!

I feel like each and every bones of mine are cracking. Pretty tiring and yet i still needs to complete the stupid discussion for my report. Arghhh~~~~

Am listening to 3OH!3 Follow Me Down feat Neon Hitch now. Pretty nice song.

Was still wondering what i'd to write for my discussion. Arghhhh!!! I hate report!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is so unforgiveable!!!!

I just discovered that i blog when i'm angry and YEAH!!! I'M ONE HELL DAMN ANGRY BITCH RIGHT NOW THAT I CAN CURSE THE WHOLE WORLD TO DEATH!!!

Even 'IT' gone. 'IT' still continue to haunt me. Oh well, 'IT' do it without effort!!! We'll just assumed that this person as 'IT'.

I'm doing my Properties of Matter report right now and half way through all those complicated calculation. I'll need to draw a graph in order to complete the damn calculation but when i looked inside my drawer i just couldn't find my graph paper.

Since last semester is all about those communication subjects, i didn't used my graph paper for 1 sem. And today when i needed it, it was gone! Not there anymore! I looked everywhere for it but is nowhere to be seen. I'm very positive where i'd left it.

I do remember that 'IT' borrowed mine when 'IT' needed to plot a graph for its study because 'IT' graph paper was run out.

Now my graph papers were all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seem like someone been using it without my permission and didn't even bother to return what he/she had borrowed. 'IT' attitude is already turning peoples off and 'IT' ways of 'borrowing' thing from other doesn't make any different from A THIEF!!!!

Is not that i'm stingy or what to kick up such a big fuss over this kind of matter. I just hate it when my concentration on my study was disturbed and also hate those peoples who borrowed stuffs from me and never return it AND THOSE WHO BORROW WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!!

Take for example, someone borrowed my Japanese notes and returned it to me with some of the notes missing. When i asked him/her about it, him/her just told me that my note was with one of his/her friends. AHA!!! This is something more hateful!!!! Borrow others stuff to others that the owner doesn't even know theirs existence. Of course, until now i still haven't get back my notes yet.

More example, friend who borrowed my CD and returned it to me, SPOILED!!! and didn't even bother to apologize!!!

And more example, friend who borrowed my DVD, CD and never return!!!

More and more example, my mum donating my clothes to charity without asking my permission.

More and more and more example, asking me to lent them some money and never pay back!!!!

Ok!!! Now you'll understand why i'm so angry right now!!!

This is all so unforgivable!!!!!!!!!! I just hope that 'IT' would stop spark on my nerves and triggered a series of matters!!!!!!! Now i'll have to wait until tomolo before i can complete my report and DAMN IT!!! TOMOLO THERE'LL BE ANOTHER NEW REPORT TO WORK ON.


Monday, January 25, 2010

A quick update

Didn't manage to update my 'blood' yesterday. Was too busy with life. Haha.

I'm picking up another new language which i'm still seriously considering whether i should or should not. Is French! And is pretty hard for a Chinese to pronounce in French.

Anyway, i got class at 11am later and i don't know which fools that goes press that 'Defrost' button in the refrigerator and leave it just like that.

The first thing that greet me when i first walked out of my room is that big pool of water on the floor. Duh!!!!! (Rolling my eyes) Boys!!!!!

Be back to update tonight. Oh! Just recall that i gotta call up all those new friends i'd met yesterday. Till then..

À bientôt!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blood!!! Come back!!!!!

I thought i'm not eligible for this but turn out is okay with me. Since the UTAR officer pissed me off and i got nothing better else to do then to wait for my AA class to finish, i'd went to this Blood Donation Campaign. A helper outside the front door weighed me, asked me some questions and told me to fill up a form.

I was number 78 in the line so instead of waiting nervously inside watching the rest getting poke one after another by the 'white ghost', i went for my lunch. I have no idea how the process is going to be like since i'd never been 'through' one ( was always told by the nurse to save the blood for myself ). Well, i first acknowledged of this campaign from Sau Ting and she eagerly asked me to joined this campaign as the helper. I registered myself but was later informed by the person in charge that they already have enough helper. She asked me to donate blood instead.

I remember teasing Spiky during dinner time when he said he doesn't have the guts. The rest asked me whether i will or will not? I reply confidently, 'Yes i will!!!!' yet, the true is, 'Cei~~~I'm pretty sure i'll be told the same thing again. There's nothing to be afraid of.'

Confidently, i went to the counter after lunch believing that i will be told the same old thing again. Unlike the last time, this time it is a doctor who checked the basic health status a person needed to possessed before he/she is granted the chance to get poke. The young doctor asked me some questions, measured my blood pressure twice =_=, measured my glucose level twice =_=, signed the form i'd filled and asked me to go to the next counter.

So, an old man poke a hole on my finger and tested my blood type. 'B' , he said aloud and asked me to go to the next counter. Another old man asked me whether it is my first time donating blood and given me a little red book which recorded my blood type as 'A' =_=||| (Well, i only realized this when i got back home). Then a nurse gave me a basket filled up with the necessary stuff and i was told to wait for my turn.

At first sign of the basket, the word 'Uh-Oh' run into my mind and i start to ask myself silly question. So, it is that i was approved to donate blood this time?? But wait, i'm not suppose to be able to. Then what the heck is this stuff doing on my hand now. Hey wait, this thing say '300mL'. What!!!! 300mL. I'll be death!!!! I'll faint!!! and what are they going to do to me after that if i really faint? Wait a minute, are they going to poke more holes on me and insert blood back to me. NooooooOOOooooo~~~~

Then i focus my eyes on those nurses and those being poked right at that very moment.
What the heck!!!!! That needle is so big!!!! What!!!! Dont they have a smaller one? Hey wait! What's that long long pipe doing there!!! Now, where's the door???

Then i check back my form again and saw what the doctor had written there.

'This person is eligible to donate up to 400mL of blood'

O_O||||| I was dumbstruck.

Maybe gaining weight also means a larger bone marrow and more hemoglobins but wait a minute, did i just read 400mL? Immediately, i checked that thing that are suppose to be carrying my blood. I donno what it's called and the label read 300mL. Phew~~lucky is not 400 but 300. Phew~~~

Then, i heard 'Gyee Jong!!!!'.


No, is not me. Is just another person having the same name as......

'Gyee Jong!!!!!'

Nope, is not me.


Bullshit!!!!!! I'll just pretend like i'm reading sms.

'Aha. So you're here. Is your turn now. Come with me.' the helper said.
=_=|||| and only then i realized i got a big UTAR tag hanging down my neck.

'Erm, just a minute. How do you know is me?' I asked. ( i curse you lady )
'Well, i saw your number.' She said.

=_=||| Okay, so there's no where to run and i was taken by the white ghost and was told to lied down. I said 'Hi' to the Utar staff beside me and his friends told me not to be afraid. It doesn't really hurt that much. I do not believe them and started to argue.

'Are you sure?', i asked while raising one of my eye's brow.
'Yeah, just don't look at the needle.', they said.
'If i don't look at it how am i suppose to know how she poke me. If she poke me on the wrong place i'll be death.', i said.
'Don't worry, they are professional. Just dont look at the needle and you wont feel the pain.', they said.
'I hope so, but i'll still look at how she inject me', i said.
'You're brave.', they said.

Then the nurse tight my arm and started hitting my arm trying her best to find my blood vessel.

'Hehe, sorry ah nurse. Saya hitam sikit. Kamu cari betul-betul ah. Selalu, nurse suka cincai poke. Selalu saya kena poke banyak kali baru dapat.' i said.

The nurse just smile and continue on her work and she poked me without saying much. Then she took out the needle and throw it into the dustbin and i shouted, 'Oh no!!! She's going to poke me again and again!'

Turn out she was just giving anesthetic to me before the real injection. The moment the big needle plucked open my skin and penetrated deeper into my fragile blood vessel, there's only one thing going through my mind.

Nah~~~~!!! I can do this a hundred time. Cei~~~kicking my leg on the desk is even painful than this.

The process did not use up a lot of time. I think it just a few minutes not more than 10. Saw my blood being carry away by the nurse and the selfish me started screaming inside my head,' Hey! Come back. That's mine. Give me back! Is my blood man!!! Dont you dare lay a hand on it. Come back! Blood!!! My hemo!!!'
I just felt a little bit cramp on my arm and a little dizzy. Overall, is fine and i got myself a certificate to prove my heroin act.
199 times! Yep! Is true!

Friday, January 22, 2010

BITCH in the Faculty of Genral Office!!!!!!

I do not understand why UTAR recruited a bitch and placed this bitch to the General Office where she gotta deal with all those students matter that requires patient and punctuality in order to complete the job. Well, this bitch has a very serious attitude problem.

It'd been a month and 4 days ever since the last time i logged in my complaint and yet the problem is still not solve!

I went to the office again this morning and raised the same old question. Well, you read yourself and tell me whether i am kicking up a big fuss for it or not?

Me: Hello. Anyone in the office? (Since there's no sign of any officer inside)
Bitch: Yes?
Me: I drop by to ask about the process of the unit course i'd registered for, well it'd been a month since the day i raised the problem here and i'd been here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and yet i still haven't been given any reply yet on the matter. I'm pretty curious now since it'd been a week and i'm still not knowing how long i should be waiting.
Bitch:'Did you fill up the Add/Drop form?'
Me:Yes. I already filled up four of it.
Bitch:'Which Faculty and which course unit?'
Me: 'FS, BT, English For Science'
Bitch:'Just wait.'
Me:'How long should i wait?'
Bitch: Just wait.
Me: 'No, i wanted to know how long i should wait.'
Bitch: We cannot give you a reply now since we have a lot of work to handle.
Me: 'I'd been waiting for a month.'
Bitch: 'You're a flexi student right?'
Me: 'Yes'
Bitch:'Then you should have register for the unit yourself.'
Me: 'Is not that i didn't register for it. There's available place for lecture but not tutorial and the system itself just wouldn't allow me to register for the subject. So i'd came here the next day immediately even before the course registeration was called off.
Bitch:'You have to understand that sometime it is not our problem. Some student who are not suppose to register for the course had registered for it and taken the place of other students'
Me: 'You're not getting what i meant here. I don't care who taken whose places. I just want to know how long i still have to wait before i can get myself a damn place i'm already paying for and still not getting what i'd paid for. Somemore, you have to understand that i'm rather curious now because it had been A MONTH MORE i'm waiting.
Bitch: Just wait, i think it can be done next week.
Me: Next week. End of next week?
Bitch: Is next week.
Me: It is possible for you to do it for me now?
Bitch: No
Me: I have a friend who is having the same problem as me and he'd been here yesterday and he told me that his problem was solved and the officer had registered the subject for him right here immediately after he told the officer the problem.
Bitch: Your friend is from which faculty
Me: Same as me. FS, BT and he's register for the same subject.
Bitch turning to the other officer inside the office.
Bitch: XXX, did you register for a student from BT the course subject Eng For SCI yesterday?
Dumb: NO i didn't.
Bitch: See, NO~~~~~
Me: Look here. I just want it to be done as soon as possible. I dont want to miss out another lecture or tutorial you know. I only raised the problem to you here because the officer is the one whose have to deal with this kind of matter. I'm not seeking for trouble here. Not unless you want me to turn to those who might be in a better position to help me with this matter.
Bitch: You can just join any lecture and tutorial you likes.
Me: How about my attendance? How about my assignment? If i doesn't have a group, i couldn't even join anyone for the assignment? You gotta understand that. I just don't understand why the officer can do it for him but not me.
Bitch: Just wait. We'll get it done next week.
Me: Look here. I want it done before the beginning of Week 2 not the End of week 2. You get that?
Bitch: We'll get it done next week.
Me:' Alright. Look like i'll just have to wait for 6days or 7 days or maybe.....i think is better i turn to someone else. Thank you for your time. Bye.

I went outside and called Rainnie and he told me that the officer who'd registered for him was a short hair plum size Chinese lady. Exactly a 100% match of that BITCH. I saw Sau Ting and Her Ming outside and i told them what happened so Sau Ting suggested me to turn to my AA for help.

Turn out my AA is the Deputy Dean officer of Faculty of Science which means in another word the big boss of that bitch. Wuahahahahahahaha.....god by my side. She's going to die hard now!!!! Serve her right!!!! Buahahahahahahhaha...........

I donno what my AA is going to do to her but at least he's acknowledged of such happening now.

A reminder to myself and to an imbecile!!!!

  • lecture ended at 7pm today
  • Professor Shit was not that bad after all
  • Don't understand why UTAR make us pay for our Laboratory Manual since we've never pay for it ever since Foundation.
  • Timetable still remains the same although i'd been to the Faculty office several time (maybe is time i rip off the office door)
  • Finally there're only a few thing left incomplete for my Orchestra backdrop.
  • Properties of matter was quite interesting (tot it was going to focus on Quantum Mechanical stuff)
  • Met some cool friends today
  • Finally, that particular STINGY head still didn't want to specific his/her intention.
  • Blood donation campaign is the last day tomolo. Going to campus tomolo for it and probably I WONT BE BACK UNTIL 1AM!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I hate S-T-I-N-G-Y peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate those who expect me to call them back as if i'm the one who owned them. If you need a favor from me, call me or at least leave me a message. Do you expect me to call you back and ask something like this?

'Yes? You are looking for me? Anything important?'

Sorry! I'm so not going to do this! Is not that i own you or anything. You are the one asking for a favor now, so at least be smart but not stingy! Calling or leaving a text message is not going to burn a big hole in your pocket. If you call me earlier or at least leave me a message, i can still make the necessary arrangement for you. I dislike peoples who suddenly demand an urgent needs to see me but leave me no clues on what the purpose of meeting is, when and where.

It literally drove me insane today when this particular person demanded to meet me up but even when i leave him/her a message. Him/her didn't even bother to reply!

Tonight i have a meeting with my fellow Orchestra club members so i'm not going to be at home. That's the reason i left a message asking him/her what the purpose of meeting is. See!!!! I'm already good enough to spend RM0.15 to text him/her which i bear no reason to do so. It should be done by him/her and yet turn out i'm the one who's doing it! WTF!!!!!

I'd seen many stingy old folks in my life before but this particular person is really one of a kind. I just cant stop rolling my eyes when i thought of this. What in this world is wrong? Already the stupid UTAR timetable stuff is making my life miserable and also the one week leave i gotta apply before going back for Chinese New Year. Skipping class is not something i fancy doing but i have no choice. Stupid University never though of those student from East Malaysia. My schedule were damn tight i felt like hanging myself!

Expect a cold eyes from me. I WILL turn my back on you and walk off if you expect me to be the one waiting for you as if my times is not counted in hours, minutes and seconds!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've had enough!!!!

Am damn angry now i felt like exploding!!! What the heck!!!!

I just checked my timetable and guess what? My timetable was shifted!!!! I arranged the time myself but some moron had shifted it for me without asking me whether it is convenience to me or not!!!!!

Moron!!!! Leaving one bad impression is enough!!! We don't needs two to highlight more on your mistakes!!!! C'mone UTAR!!!! When will you learn????

One of the subject i'd registered for is missing.
I'd logged in my complaint a month ago and until now there's still no reply.
I went to the office and register again yesterday and today my timetable was shifted without the new subject added.

What is this all about??? Revenge?? Hello UTAR officer! You are pay to do this job man! I didn't own you anything ok~~~!!!

I'm so gonna report this to the Dean office! I've had enough!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Professor Shit was my Biodiversity lecturer. SHIT man!!!

Line was pretty bad. I wonder whose the hell eating all the bandwidth. Curse that guys/girls to hell!!!! to eternity!!!! to his/her coming generation!!!! I just want to update my blog. Cant you guys just stop eating all my bandwidth and go eat somewhere else...or someone else.......whatsoever....

The new semester did not start out good. Class was cancel today and the lecturer for my Biodiversity was that 'Kuai Lan' Professor. I called him Professor Shit. Why? Because us, Chinese will refer the face of someone who never smile to '臭脸' which means smelly. The only thing that is smelly and never going to smell nice was SHIT. So, i called him Professor Shit. Wat a good name, isn't it?

Anyway, this Professor Shit remember my name pretty well. Now i'm so gonna be extra careful. There's never good stuff happen to me when this Professor Shit was around. Pray hard now.

So, i got no class for tomolo but still i plan to join others class. Just to be a keppo. Wakaka......
By the way, i went to collect my parcel and this is what inside.

Wakaka...this is the first ever purchase i made online. Cool~~~~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Start out fresh!

Alright, so it was the beginning of another new semester!!!!
Time to push the reset button!!!
A fresh start!!!

I arrived in Kampar yesterday noon sharp at 4.30pm. The first thing i do is to look into the mail box and i found this...........

I was damn shock!!! My gosh!!! It'd been 14 days!!! Don't tell me my parcel is deliver back to Selangor!!! Immediately i called the hotline of Pos Malaysia. A man told me i still have time to collect the parcel before it was sent back to the sender.

Phew~~~!!! But damn it!!! Tomolo is Sunday!!

I'll need to collect it on Monday then. Pray hard now!!!
Please don't send back my parcel to Selangor!!!!

Just checked my timetable and tomolo class begin sharp at 8am. = =|||
Whose gonna wake me up?


Class end at 7pm.
Yipee!!!! Finally, the sun won't greet me again after class.

Anyway, one of the subject is missing. I'll need to drop by the office again.


To the pos office.

This is gonna be a very good start of my new semester
kind of

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cant wait to get out!

Life should be pretty great when you got tons of worthwhile stuff to do.


Life can be pretty hectic when you are stuck with a bunch of aliens that speak in a languange that you cant understand.

The only good stuff i can think of for this passed few weeks after landing my feet on this hilltop was picking up Myammar languange. The rest is a waste of my effort and i dont think i could get any benefits from. I'm not going to complaint about anything because this is what i've planned to do for this holiday.

The first few days were pretty nice and after one weeks, thing slowly started to change. They take things for granted!!!!!! There's no sign of appreciation and there's no sign of understanding. Not forgetting some other issues like courtesy.

The only topic that woman are interested into was 'Gossip', 'Gossip' and more 'Gossip'.
The only topic that men are interested into was 'Gossip', 'Gossip' and still 'Gossip'.
(Rolling my eyes)

The culture here were pretty stuck in the 80's. Human brains were still badly in needs of a constructor. I wonder when the residents here can be more civilized and more 'developed' just like the new-look the town got for itself not long ago.

I've been wondering what is the best thing they got to offer here for this whole day and finally i got the answer.

You arrived here today and the next day, you found strangers greeting you when you passed by theirs house or theirs shop or just wandering around the street. So, dont worry about getting know. These folk can show you your way home. Trust me. Some even know the exact roof you're in.

RumoursNews spread around faster then the speed of light with 50% of the content true so you get to learnt about the latest news very( 100%) fast.

Wondering where the others 50% goes? Well, it's save for more space to grow mar......

Guys shared the same interest as just the women did, so there's no need to worry about not having the same topic to chat on.

Just speak 'Excuse me' to a stranger when he/she is blocking your way. The next day you'll be upgrade to theirs god/goddess. Well, god/goddess of 'hao lian' which means 'showing off'.

It is very easy to know who was interested to be your friends. They tend to speak louder then is neccessary to attract your attention or 'shout' up to 5 foul words in a sentence( only an idiot to the extreme can do so ).

Anyway, i'll be back with more stuff to update on. I'm not feeling happy this few day after knowing my result. I feels like i'm being fooled. Fooled by my own confident. Lesson learnt here, never ever trusted what your instinct told you and just put your faith on others. Pray hard for good luck and pray harder for more bad luck to others. Then you'll get theirs luck. Wahahaha.....Evil

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