Monday, December 27, 2010

What adults did best......

I'm currently having my most tiring holiday with my family.
Well, initially i thought it was going to be fun travelling with my family 
but turn out i was wrong.

My mum wouldn't stop bragging on tiny stuff which annoyed me
(now the light is off and she still wouldn't stop talking nonsense)

My dad wouldn't stop scolding me 
and the debate goes on the whole way from Kinabalu to Kudat.

The adults only did two things best....
Number 1: 'Paying the bill'

I wish for some peach and quiet moment.
Number 2: 'Making last minute decision' 

Well, for example....
I asked: 'Rm170, one big room for family. How?'
Adults: 'No lar....go there see see first. Compare the rate mar....'
Me: 'Is Christmas and most of the hotel in town were fully booked. We shouldn't be picky...'
Adults: Haiya!!!! You know wat lar~!! Sure got one lar!!!

and we ended up in the most expensive resort in town....


 I hate adult who wouldn't listen......!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The beginning of a whole new chapter

Finally, is the end of my industrial training.
Waved my goodbye to the family who'd taken care of me for this 3 months.

A family portrait.
The first thing my mum said to me, 'Aiyo!!!! Fat!!!!'
Well, this is the first time i heard this comment from her.
Usually she will only comment on my face, my skin tone, or my hairs.
Lol....good thing is at least i know i can keep my long hairs now.

Santa Claus~~~~!!!
Went shopping right away with my sister and cousin. 
Lot of shop tenants asking us whether we are from Taiwan or not. LOL~~~

My mui mui
I bought the hat she's wearing and she just burn a hole in my pocket.

I wanna buy this for my big sister but since she complaint about having too many teddies invading my bed so i cut the idea off.

Is Christmas Eve today and Sabah is extremely quiet. 
The church is the only place with lotsa peoples now.
I wonder how it is like over in Semenanjung now. 
For two years, i'd been celebrating Christmas with my fellow university friends
and i never have a chance to celebrate this special day with family.
Now, i finally have the chance to celebrate Christmas differently.

I received a call from Spiky this morning and i'm touched.
I didn't expect him to call when i told him i'm watching Alvin and the Chipmunk at that very moment.
That's the movie we watched together on last year Christmas.
I do miss the time we celebrate Christmas together.

Anyway, if there's one place i get to choose to be at.
I'll choose to be at the Chinese temple in KL watching the Chinese orchestra competition.

Now, i'm all alone in the dinning room typing this while eating my favorite junk food.
Just to give a picture. LOL~~~
Tomorrow, 'Tunku Abdul Rahman Park'.

Merry Christmas to all who read this post.
and to Michelle....

Received my(your) sms Christmas wishes?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice

For three year, i didn't celebrate winter solstice with my family
(Craps...we never really celebrate this day either)

and this year i got home with big feast waiting for me

Hakka Chinese delicacies....

And of course....the dumpling

Now i got a kid running inside my room, stealing everything she could reach.

Nononono~~~not the flute...
This is one of my best Winter Solstice ever.
Carve forever in memory.

Monday, December 20, 2010


The horoscope promised me a productive day for today.
Yet, i ain't felt any extra boost of energy nor did i feel well at all.

I'm very sick now. I need a good massage and a good sleep.
but god damn it!!!

Why can't i fall asleep??????



I want to sleep......

Obviously, i'm sick.....

Anyway, here's something to share before i stick on my sick bed.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

How many days until Christmas Day?

I totally have no idea.

I went to Padang Merdeka today and there was this dunno what fair going on with
Christmas decoration all over the field.

I got really excited and took lot of noob photos.

Buang tahi look....

Wishing well is lock...
Door that can't be open
Run with kids
and call it a day....

Eerie or not?

5 more days to go

Is finally the weekend and this will be my last weekend here.
I didn't make any planning to go anywhere for this weekend. 

All i wants is some peace and quiet moment all alone and so 
i went downtown for a cup of coffee 
and hit my head under this stuff here.....

I wonder why they hang their signboard so low 
Bang~~~!!! and all heads turned to look at me.
Great! I'd just embarrass myself in front of a lengzai sitting just right next to my table.

The sun beginning to set at 4.45pm(early right?)

Don't you think the formation of the cloud look a bit like Sabah map itself?
I went for a walk beside South China Sea and took a bus back home after that.
Met a moron on the bus. 
He put his hand on my waist!!!!!!!
What the HECK~~!!!
and so
He got a good hit in his you-know-where-lo and
I stamped his feet.
I didn't say a word and got off the bus for good.

He really spoiled my mood for the day.
and there it goes my Saturday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bluff me ar~~~

When she said
'You two are one of the best for me so far'

I really felt like laughing and rolling on the floor.
Thought i'm so naive to believe you?

By the way, that stupid Utar been delaying their work
and she just kept asking me about the assessment stuff
of which i totally have no idea of. 

My lecturer already gave me a reply but i didn't know they are still lagging.
And the other intern here doesn't even contact his own lecturer about this issue at all

Plainly rely on me to do all the shit!!!!
I'm fucking angry with this lame guy here.
Yes! Fucking angry of you!

Why can't you at least complete a task by your own effort?
Even important thing like this, you promise me you will contact your lecturer
but until now what lame reason you gave me?

'Eh. I don't think i can contact my lecturer.'

Bull shit!!! If i can. Why can't you?

All bull shit!!!
I am super duper not please!!!! 
Why it is always me? Why ar?

Now, she demanding me for my final report....ZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ
really headache!!!!

You can put the blame on me

You can put the blame on me~~~
You can put the blame on me~~~~~
a song sung by Akon

I'd been singing and humming this song recently.

I just love the lyric.


Number 1: The stupid machine which is use for running blood sample test broke down that day
and they point their fingers on me.
 (Just because it is lunch hour and i'm the only one left at the department that time)
Turn out, the engineer found out it is actually because they didn't perform the monthly maintenance and caused the blood to accumulate and clotted up the system.

Number 2: A doctor phoned and complaint about lost samples.
 They pointed their fingers on me and claimed that i'm the one who 
accidentally threw the samples into the trash.
What sort of lame excuse is this?
I swear in the name of god. 
I remember very well. I didn't even seen the sample at all.
I came after her and you should ask that lady.

Number 3: Some lame people(you-know-who) forgot to inform them to move the dry ice in
and the manager is so damn pissed off because of this.
None of my business also. You should blame that person who signed the invoice.
Why me pula? 

  Just because i'm an intern doesn't mean i can be exploited like this
you are responsible for your own mistake.
Can't you guys just stop all this nonsense? 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 week and 5 more days

I wonder why, when it is the time for me to sleep. 
I'll start having the urge to blog.

Recently, i'd been blogging more on my daily encounters rather than my travel story.
Haha. I just don't have the right mood to start penning on my Sabah journey yet.

Anyway, i did wrote down everything in my travel log.
I can just open the book and retype everything here.
i'm lazy (max point)

I'm simply worn out after work.
Is dealing with peoples that's giving me all the nerves wrecking moment at work.
I'm at a place the eye does not see.

I dislike pointing my finger to others because three of my fingers are pointing back at me.
 But....why are you peoples so blind?

Should i kept quiet or should i reveal the true 
should i just let the true reveal itself
and let the fool realized how blinded they were for all this while?


Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm annoyed

She asked me, 'When is your last day here?'
He asked me, 'Can you come by your own transport tomorrow?'
She asked me, 'Do you mind to stay with me for two weeks because i'm afraid to stay alone in a big house.'
He asked me, 'Going for Christmas Carol tonight?'
She asked me, 'Mind borrow?'

I'm out of breath. Give me a break.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tired of having nothing to do on a Sunday

There's not much i can do on a Sunday.
Initially, i planned to visit a number of places on every weekend i have here
but recently i just don't felt like hitting the road at all due to limited time.

Well, you see i can't keep travel back and forth from a place that will take me
3 hours to reach and another 3 hours back in just one day time. 
I'm only left with 2 more weekends to spare here before i wave my goodbye 
to the Land Below The Wind.

There's still a numbers of places i planned to go
Interesting places like The Tips Of Borneo at Kudat, The Poring Hot Spring at Ranau,
Sabah Tea Plantation at Ranau, The Milk Farm at Kundasang, The Sompoton making center at Tambunan, 
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, and the local coffee factory at Tenom

but due to transport issue(a real big issue here) and the time given
I can only wait until the day my parents arrive here and the end of my industrial training. 
Then the only thing i'll have to do by that time
is to get a nod on my parents head
and i'll hit the road with them.

I'm waiting anxiously for that day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cabut on time!

I just succeeded my first on-time leave from the lab.
Not really, actually.
I left at 12.30pm.
Should be 12pm according to the usual schedule

They were staring and asking me why am i so early?
Cei~ You should ask why am i so late!!!!
Every time also work for you until 2pm lar...2.30pm lar....3PM LAR!!!
and you guys never seem to appreciate my hard work at all.
So why bother.

Time up! 

None of my business anyway.
Now i'm drinking my hot mocha latte at Damai Coffee Bean.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 more weeks and 2 more days

2 more weeks and 2 more days.
I'm anxious already. I can't wait to go home.
It'd been 11 months since i last went home.
My mum just called and told me that they're coming up to Kota Kinabalu
with my relatives and friends from Brunei.

She said they'll be here for a week before they venture off to Taiwan 
and asked me to plan for their vacation.
Hehehehe.......evil plan in the progress now.
North, South, East and West. 
Prepare to pay hundreds for your car fuel dad. LOL~~~~

My mum said she's don't think i am capable to fly back to Miri on my own
Hence, the decision to travel up here and cage me back home.

Well, actually, mum, you know what. I smell something fishy. 
Is not that i'm not capable. Both you and dad simply just want to play. i right? Huh?

Then prepare for a long tiring chase for your monkey daughter.
Did i tell you that i'm flying over to Sandakan by the time you arrive in KK?

Ooopppsss.....i guess not.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If you do look back, do it to better your next move.

This post is dedicated for someone.
You owned me big one because i don't wrote stuff like this
but i'll do it for you anyway. Don't thank me just yet
because I'M SO ANNOYED BY YOU!!!!

Ah~~~~now i felt better.
Read this and i hope you'll stop bothering me.

Is always interesting to read back my old post
and discovered how much i have changed in person.

People always told us

'Do not look back at your past'

or maybe this

'What important now is the future.'

this sound familiar too

'Just let it go, we do not live in the past but we live for the future.'

Nah~~~~!!!! I do not buy any of these because

Is LAME~~~~

 i believe unless you are the 'unlucky' one who suffers from
a severe memory lost
or else like it or not,
Our soul is so gonna remind us of our past.

If you experience pain in your past, you're not going to drop the subject
even if you believe that you did.
Times may heal but the journey through life is cruel enough to remind you
of what happened in the past once in a while.

So, to cope with the pain the memory brought me when it hit me.

I look back at my past once in a while to remind myself
not to make the same mistake i once made,
to remind myself not to miss out another great things in life,
to remind myself to experience more,
to remind myself to grab any opportunity that comes their way,
 to remind myself there's still a long road to conquer ahead,
to remind myself to keep my head held high and not lose strength,
to remind myself of all the minor things in life which brought us huge impact,
to remind myself of all the footprints left by those who only live in the memory now,
their courage, spirit, love and hope
to remind myself to remember the great times i have had,
to remind myself not to let jealousy get in my way and blur my justice,
to remind myself to appreciate more and embrace what i have,
to remind myself that i'm much more lucky than most peoples,
bla bla bla bla bla bla too many and i'm lazy to list out

most importantly
to remind myself not to be afraid of my past 

 It is only when you look fear in the face that you gain strength to move on with future.

So, it is totally fine to look back at your past and to be reminded of all the stupid things you once did,
 the lame guy or maybe girl(Wu~~~~) you fall for, lies you told, peoples you hurt, violence, failure,
 so on and on.....

Just take all that as a lesson for you to better your next move.
The pain will only make you stronger and not dampen your spirit even further.
Remember your past to know where your locus point now and to discover the new you.

=____= I'd told you i'm not good at stuff like this.
Happy now?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Skip Harry Potter for......?

I always likes Disney because it never fail me.

This is one great movie you should not miss.

There's never a dull moment watching this. 
The flow of the story was great.
 I have a good time laughing at the horse.
I'll definitely recommend you to skip Harry Potter for this.

I love the horse. I love the lizard. I love the king and queen. I love the lantern.
I love the tower. 
I love everything except for
 the old lady because you see.....
she copy my look. see....

Copy my look. So i dislike this character.

Anyway, if you like Madagascar 2 and Cloudy with a chance of meatball then 
i'm pretty sure you are going to like this. 
Trust me it is really great.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
(I want more~~~!!!!! LOL~~~~~)

Monday, December 6, 2010

The top 10 things that kept me away from blogging

1. Lazy
2. Busy chatting.
3. On a trip to ulu-ulu kampong.
4. No computer to online.
5. Got the gadget but internet is not available.
6. Back at my hometown.
7. Test
8. Assignment
9. Doesn't have a good sentence to begin the post.
10. REPORTS!!!!!!!

I hope this explain why i'm gone for a week.
I'm busy thinking hard how to end the life of the duck, raccoon, spider and wolf. 
They're all characters created by a bunch of boring students and
because of that i actually discovered the talents we have for writing.

Although i'm far from all my friends now but i can still have fun writing with them.

Though we're all at a different places now but
I know we all laughing at the same time because of the same thing we did that day.
I'm looking ahead to meet you guys so we can begin the practice for our next concert.
3 more weeks and i'll be free.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Is raining over here again and i just can't wait for the rain to stop.
I hate rainy day. I always hate rainy day. 
Ever since i'm back to East Malaysia, 59 out of 60 days had been a rainy day. 
There's only 1 day without rain so far. 
Yeah!!! One hell fucking day without rain!!! 
Can you imagine that??? 
For 60 days there's only 1 fucking day without rain!!!!

Yes i'm fucking mad of the weather. 
because I don't want to spent extra money on clothing anymore 
and i fucking don't want to walk under the fucking rain for any fucking last minute change
 because of some fucking lame excuses some fucking lame peoples can came up with.

I hate excuse but on top of that i hated last minute changes even more.

You can give me whatever lame excuse you can come up with.
I'll only sneer at your pretentious for making that up
 but don't ever make last minute changes without informing me AT ALL.
I'll remember your lameness for ages!!!!

People who make last minute changes without
informing is like telling a duck to bark like a dog at the very last minute.
My description here is a bit melodramatic and you can ignore it for good.

So my point here is,
Please inform me earlier, so that i can make the right arrangement.
Don't just came to me at the very last minute and throw me a dumb ass question like this.

'Hey! How do you go back later?'

It will only make thing worst when it rain because i fucking cannot walk under the rain without
a fucking umbrella and i fucking don't want to walk past that fucking Indonesian Worker housing area
and hearing them screamed 'Ah Moi! 'Ah Moi!' at the top of theirs lungs for on and on
until i walked out of theirs visible range.
3 more weeks. I already prepared my timer to do the countdown
 because i just can't wait to get the hell out of this place.
I still likes Sabah and i still will say it is indeed one of the best places i ever been on
minus out the lame guy and the lame company + the lame colleagues.

Everything will be perfect then.
Ah! and make sure you owned some steel of your own.
Now, who can fetch me to work this coming Friday?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a dream

Here's a song i'm currently addicted to...
Check it out people...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Is not the distances you conquer that count, is the peoples you met on your journey.

This week i'm back to the forever boring department.
The biochemistry department. Duh~~~~
This explain why i'm here blogging. 

Anyway, there's still no news regarding when the lecturer will be coming over
and i really really hope they give me a reply as soon as possible.
Since the manager of this company is quite busy and most probably i'll be the one
arranging for their meeting. 
I'll definitely needs to plan ahead before she fly to another state.

The other intern here is just plainly relying on me to do all the proper arrangement.
Guy nowadays~~~
Can't even get his message straight and doesn't even have the guts to speak out.
Is a real shame. I'm really upset by him.

This past few weeks, i'd met quite a number of peoples. 

Peoples that all have a story to tell.
Peoples that all taught me a lesson about life.

The bus driver who asked me this question.

'What is the most important thing in life?'

The deaf teenager who performed for me.

The old Dusun flute maker who taught me about 
the art of listening to music with the heart but not the ear.

The museum man who gave me an insight 
into the life of an archeologist.

The two musicians who worked hard for local music industry.

The local writer who travel a thousand miles to collect local folklore for his book
although he know his book might even not be publish.

so on and on....

I found it hard to put all that i've experienced into words.
Haha....i prefer you to come and experience it yourself. Lol~~~~

Cabut...time out....time to go back to the boring deparment.

Please don't ask lame question like this....' guys live on tree ar????'

I was chatting with one of my friend from Sabah in Facebook and he told me this.

Him: You ar~~ Stop uploading all those trees ar~~~~Mountain ar~~~~those stuff. 
Later people thought Sabah only got trees and mountains....

Okay....i didn't realized this until he said so....

Fine then.
Now i'm showing you what Sabah have beside those tree and mountain.

Let's start with the food

Yeah....we have restaurant like this....

Like this.....

Our open area food court look something like this.....

The shopping mall food court have great view like this...

The bookstore here doesn't need to install too many light bulb....

The library here is one of the best i ever been to....

Spot the pentagon shaped roof in the hearth of the building?

It look something like this from the inside....

Cool man......

Let me show you something cooler than this.....

These are all magazines date back to the time i wasn't even born yet...

They even got this. 

Yes.. You can borrow it...

Want some personal space to online?


Look at the piles of magazine that have here.


Now the shopping mall here......

And of course the girls........
Nah.....Sabah girls

The super most leng.....

The fake Sabahan. Gyee.
Daddy....I want this for Christmas present. 
Thank you. Rm142.

and Mum....i want this for 
No Reason....
Thank you. Rm 104.

But my friend told me i look like i just walked out from bed 
and i forgotten to put on my pant especially the bottom part.

Now. If you are wondering where the guy is....
Ah ha....i kept them all for myself...Wuahahahahaha....

Bye bye~~~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Come on board~~~~!!!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
Come on board and i'll take you to a journey into
The daily life of a lame biotechnology intern
who is currently doing nothing related to her field of studies. 

Every morning, she arrived as early as 7.55am

Having nothing to do, she usually sleep in the store room.

Until the clock strike 8.30am

Time to do the forever tiring job.
Blood grouping!!!

Some times, she was hit by unforeseen coming storm.



At first she will panic. Not knowing how to avoid being struck by lightning.
Slowly, she got used to doctor shouting at her ears, patient walking in, early in the morning
asking for refund....

Instead of refunding them, she'll tell them this


suck their blood like how the vampire did and redo the test
which always successfully zipped their mouths.
(Of course lar....blood already kena suck dry)

After dealing with all that.......

She'll be doing the ESR screening test manually and
be-friended with HIV and Hepatitis.

After playing around with her HIV and Hepatitis friends. She get to have her lunch break.

Her: ' Yay!!! Time for lunch!!!!! but will 'my friends' be eating along with me too?'

She'll extend her lunch break one more hour and continue to day dream.

Her: 'Waaaaa.....big snake~~~!!! Don't run....You are my dinner!!!!'

Sometime she got tired of catching snake.
So, to get rid of boredom,
she'll travel to a new wonderland where she get to met with
Mr & Mrs.

Waaaa.....change style already ar~~~

Of course, Mr & Mrs. RBC & WBC is not always from the same race.

Sometimes, she get to met with a different race.

Wu~~~~you guys are more interesting...

Hi~~~Mr. Loa're you doing there?

or maybe some alien~~~

Human or inhuman?

Besides, doing all that. She get to discover new stuff too.

Money detector is not just for detecting money~~~~

Finally, she get to go back when the sun greet her at the front door.

That's all. I hope you have a great ride with me today.
See you again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 4,(N): FFK travel buddies + night market

~Back in the hotel but not even a soul was there yet.

As expected, those bunch of twerps are not even there yet although we'd scheduled to met up
by 7.30pm in the hotel.
 I asked for the key to our room and moved all our luggages in.
 All this while, the reception aunty was watching my every move.
At first i thought she was worry that i might 'accidentally' moved her stuff

but then she said to me


and i replied her


She goes laughing like this.....


and suddenly stopped laughing,

stared back at me

Then she said the one thing that make me felt extremely stupid.



Aiyo....say early mar....
Anyway, this aunty was so good because i swear this is the largest room i ever stayed in
for such cheap rate. She even gave me extra blanket, extra pillow + extra bedsheets
and murmured to me quietly...


Oh my god....So nice.....
Now. Let's pause for a moment and bring the same situation back to Malaysia. 
Most probably, is going to be something like this.

What? Huh? Want extra bed ar? OKIE....we're charging one extra bed for RM60....

Expensive ar....then don't ask for extra bed lar.....

We don't allow more than two peoples in a room.....

Well.... Malaysia is always
Business first.....Relationship...?
Don't even bother about it. I just want your money.
but if they do it like this aunty here did.....
I'll sure stay in the same hotel the next time i visited Taipei.

So, after unpacking my stuff and rearranging everything.
I still have no idea where the bunch of twerps(Max level) were.

I got tired of waiting for them.
My stomach was already rumbling incredibly loud, signalling me to feed it.

Oh well, so i randomly picked up a place which seem interesting and off i go to....

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to the Lin's Mansion.

Nope...Not this as well....
Just happened to past by....there're quite a lot of peoples.
I heard peoples chanting and when i peeked inside, I saw nun praying.
 but I have no idea what's going on. many~~~~ many~~~~~ 

After passing by this row of lantern, eventually i reached where i want to be.
The first thing of course....

Very cute hot dog ar....but i remember my sister telling me it only look good
so i skipped this
Then i saw these bunch of boys selling something that look like a lego keychain.

Got that Luffy from that pirate cartoon. Spot it?
Forgot the name. Michelle correct me if i'm wrong. LOL~~~

After roaming around the place, i decided to have this

Cheese potato.....

The menu.....

I was staring at the menu thinking what to order.
Then the boss came to my rescue and recommended the 'Combine Cheese' flavor to me
He then helped me packed the cheese and potato separately
because it'll last longer this way.

美眉你那里来? me 美眉 pula...
I'm more used to 'Ah MOI' lar~~~

Saw this but didn't try it. Maybe next time. it is.....

Just pour the cheese on top....

Damn good....I highly recommend this.

Anyway, Raymond was staring at me with that
'Cei~~~I told you so' look on his face while i'm
eating this because

The night before

Raymond: 'Their cheese potato is really good!!!!'
Me: 'Yamei? The last time i ate a cheese potato i swear i'll never have another one because it tasted so awful.'
Raymond: 'But this really different. Taste very nice. Where you eat that awful cheese potato o?'
Me: 'At Wendy Fast Food restaurant.'
Raymond: 'Wendy Fast Food Restaurant? Never heard before.'
Me: 'What else you eat o? Cheese potato not nice lar.'
Raymond: 'I don't know. Maybe for you not nice gua.'

Cheese Potato not nice lar~~~~~

Me: Wa so tasty....tomolo i'm going back!!!
Raymond + Fish: =___=


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