Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Ipoh again

Since the three of us are still stuck here with nowhere to go, we decided to pay Ipoh another visit and taste up the legendary Ipoh white coffee. I'd been there for numerous time yet i still couldn't managed to try out the famous white coffee found in Ipoh old town. The last time i went there, the shop was closed. Due to my previous experience, i know i must be an early bird this time.

So, the three of us departed from Kampar at 9am and boarded an old bus to Ipoh.

This sign board was pretty cute huh? A bus with open door.....wu~~~

So, the bus route was pretty boring and this 2 guys just kept said that they were feeling dizzy. = = By the time we reached Ipoh, it's almost noon and i know i'm damn late again. We got on another bus to Ipoh old town for Rm0.8 and got down at the Indian Street. Big mistake. I've never been to the Indian Street before but i remember the coffee shop is just opposite this street. So i thought i might be able to found the right way but we ended up going in circle and wasted our precious times.

Finally, i gave up relying on my instinct and turn to the local for help. Saw this coffee shop which the local claimed that it's neither much different from the one we're going.

When we got to our destination the place was already crowded. Since the coffee house i'm aiming for was closed again, we are left with no choice but to choose the alternative way which is by going to it neighbor. Luckily there're still back up for us. Since we are quite late, there's no sign of an empty seat. We stood there staring inside the coffee shop and i decided not to wait but to fight for a seat. I went in and was quite lucky to found ourselves a place inside(with boxes pilling up beside us). Then we waited for the waiter/waitress to clean up the table for us. Is like about 8 minutes more after we are seated and only then the waitress came to take ours order but she left her table-cloth on the table for like minutes. What is that???? Is like assuming us to clean the table ourself. She came back 'few' minutes later (after the ice melted and dripped on Scott) and wiped the table.

Well, if is not for the sake of the white coffee i'll left this place in no minutes. The coffee shop was so hot that is impossible to order for hot coffee. Coffee is best serves hot but despite the hot condition i'm in. I better get some ice-cold beverage to chills in and get my ass out of this place asap.

Nah, this is the famous white coffee which i'm still trying to figure out the reason why it got its fame. Someone forgotten to switch on his Macro, so the picture was blurred.

I'll said is just another bandwagon effect. Since i ordered for an ice white coffee, the aroma is not that strong(there's none in the coffee shop either) due to lower vapor pressure. Vapor pressure is the one responsible for the aroma. Higher temperature, higher vapor pressure, higher rate of evaporation, better dispersion of molecules in the air and so this lead to stronger or weaker aromas in the air. What the heck i'm talking about....sorry i'm out of topic.

So, how should i begin. Well, like i said. There's no sense of coffee's aroma unless you put your nose up close to the cup. Failing to stimulate my olfactory nerves is a big no-no but they are acquitted from serving me coffee with no aroma since i'm the one ordered for cold coffee. I would say the coffee was moderately well-made. What i means is at least i got a cup of coffee placed on my table. As for the taste, is kind of haha.....well you was put off by the slightly astringent effect in the back of my tongue. Feel like asking the waitress for more water or ice to dilute the coffee. The coffee is thick, heavy and flat in taste. Is definitely a little disappointing.

Okay, forget about the coffee. The fame Chee Cheong Fun was sold out too. No luck. Maybe next time. We order for noodles instead. This is the lady who's selling the Chee Cheong Fun. I request for a photo with her since she was young and beautiful. She said if i visit again the next time, she'll made sure her Chee Cheong Fun is still available for me. Hoho. Special treatment. Wakaka.

We went to Ipoh Parade after that. Took a photo with this statue and bought some hair accessories. Nothing much to buy actually.

and here's one 19 years old big brother spending Rm8 for 'Dan-Dan'.

Ah.....didn't get the desired character huh? Spent more money then. Hoho. We spent some times wandering around and decided to go back by 6pm. Reached Kampar before 9pm. Well, that's all.


  1. oi.. that chee cheong fun gal.. is my roommate, don't you recognise her???

  2. surprise. This world is so small.



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