Monday, December 28, 2009

Thai commercials

Alright, there're tons of post still sitting inside my draft waiting for their turn to peek their's head out yet i'm here sealing them up for a moment just to share on all these nicely Made In Thailand ommercials you should not missed.

So, here goes the first one by Pantene(The Hair Shampoo). Is about a deaf young lady who wanted to play a violin.

Then we got this father who wishes he has more times by an insurance company.

and a funny one by some sort of roof board company

some horror

Okay, that's all i got. I think their advertisements are more like a short movies. Is nice to watch and it leave me a very deep impression on theirs product. Guess that's what we called excellent job!!!

1 comment:

  1. *Sob sob*

    The first ad really touches me ! Thanks for asking me to watch it.


    Thats the reason why I wanted to play violin: to impress many people with just a song ! But...I guess my time havent come yet. =_=



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