Friday, December 11, 2009

Moving or stay or totally lost my mind.

I just don't have the mood to blog now but i'm doing so because i couldn't fell asleep. Might be the side effect from my daily dos of caffeine.

Instead of wasting my time lying on bed, wide eyes open, staring back at total darkness, i think is better for me to get up and do something more worthwhile.

Reading for instance, but not Harry Potter, of cuz. It's a page turning book that kept me from falling asleep.

Something is on my mind actually. Is about moving or not moving. If i move, there's this.....if i stay, there's this case......if i does move, then there's this case.....lalalala....lalala.....oh, forget about it.

Here, let me show you this. I found this place when i got lost. Amazing isn't it?

Believe me, is still in Malaysia. Nice right?

Hey, talking about lost. Are you guys afraid of getting lost? I'm not. I hate those who are afraid of getting lost.

Is like, c'mon, you're still in Malaysia, is just a small town, how worst can it be? So, why panic and sweat over a small deal?

Take the time to look around and you might found yourself discovering something unexpected, something that will amaze you, something that carve right into your memory which you shall never forget. I'll call that ' The Art Of Getting Lost '.

Lol.....seriously, i think i better go get some sleep.

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