Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lost in the woods...uh..oh~~

Few years ago, i'd picked up some nice tips on what to do when you got lost in woods during my National Service. Since i've mentioned about getting lost in my previous post, i guess i might as well share some more tips here.

So, what did you do when you found yourself circling and circling but still there's no way out?

1. Assess the situation
Take a few seconds break and try to remember where you came from before backtracking. If backtracking doesn't work, check if you have enough supply to keep you going. Then look at the sky, if it's look like a storm coming in or is getting dark, seek a shelter immediately.

Seeking for a shelter doesn't means you can go anywhere that look safe to you. Avoid areas with stones pilling and bamboo because these are the place where snake's nest lies.

2. Get notice

Universal distress call.

What the hell is it?

Three shouts or three whistle blows.

1 blow means "I'm lost"
2 blows means "I'm Coming"
3 blows means "This is an emergency" (Ouch~~~i cant bear the pain!!!)


Build a smoky fire in the day using lots of slightly damp leaves or make a bright fire at night.



you won't want to burn down the whole forest.

Okay then but how do i start a fire??? Using the solar energy to start the fire with a magnifying glass or by friction?

Nah~~~That're all craps!!! What if there's not enough sunlight? What if you doesn't have enough energy?

So, that're all crap and outdated. Now let me introduce you...This!!!

Starting a fire by using your cell phone. Yeah!!!! You read that!!! Your Cell Phone!!! Now don't play play when you're filling up your oil tank at petrol station. Follow the rule dude~~

3. Find your bearing
Even with no compass, you can still have a rough idea of where you're heading.

How then?

The answer is.....THE SUN

Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.


Built your own compass. I got a video here. Check it out.

If you don't know how to use a compass. Sit there and wait for peoples(death) to find you.

If you don't know why the heck you are looking for north, south, east and west. Start praying and may god bless you.

P/S~ There're a hell lot other ways to identify your direction. Stars, Tree lodge, and so on. Find out yourself.

4. Mark your path
This way, you'll know whether you're going around in circles. Get something easily spotted from far to mark your path. Built a stone pile or anything. This will also help a search team to easily track you once they notice the pile.

5. Look for foods and water
Note in mind that anything in this world can be eaten. Even snake. It is only a matter whether you'll be off to meet Jesus or not.

So before you venture any further into the woods looking for foods, make sure you can always find your way back to your point.

So, how do i know this plant can be eaten raw?

Start by rubbing it on your skin. If it start itching, that means is not safe to eat it. If there no itching, chew it in your mouth and spill it out. If there's no sense of numbness, it might be safe to swallow. Swallow at your own risk anyway. So, is better to pick up some knowledge of wild fruits and edible plants before going into the wood.

Anyway, eating plant along is not enough as human cannot digest cellulose and plant did not provide much calories which are needed for energy. So, go ahead and play some hunting game. Hunt for animals and eat their flesh. Even snake.

Snake!!! Ew~~~I don't want to eat snake.

We have eel for sushi, snake meat is not much different.

So, how?

Catch it.
Kill it.
Hold it head down, tail up.
Cut the head off. Longitudinally.
Cut down the body.
Remove the venom glands.
Eat it.

Hope you'll be able to do so. Anyway, don't eat death animal because there're lots of bacterias on it.

Water can be obtained from barks and leaves of certain trees. I forgot how to identify the tree but i still remember at least you need a knife or 'parang' to cut it.

Water from stream or river can be drink after you boil it.

Alright, enough crap. I'm outta here.

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