Sunday, December 6, 2009

I wont tolerate no more......

2 more points and Wong Mee Choo will close the game for today 'Woman's Singles semi-finals'. (Well, she already did while i was typing this)

So, my study week began today and i'm still reading 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow'. Hohohoho......Thank to Spiky for borrowing me the book.

Mum was here at Penisular Malaysia but i'm not going up to meet her.

I'm a little bit unhappy recently. My emotion is kinda mess up. I cant put this into words. I needed some space of my own to breath. The atmosphere was so tense it kept me uneasy all the times. I feel like a string that's being stretched out to its limits.

I hate people who want to take advantage of me. I'm not a nice person i must say. I'm selfish. I wouldn't have tolerate more with you if not because of our friendship. For all the times, I've been the one tolerating with you and now just for once, don't you think is the time you take the turn from me??

I wont tolerate no more!!!!!

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