Sunday, December 27, 2009

Celebrating Dongzhi Festival~~~

Dongzhi or Winter Solstice you called it, is a day marked down on the Chinese Calendar to be spent with family. The main dishes you gotta have for this festive was 'Tangyuan'. This is a day should not be missed by every Chinese.

Although i'm stuck here in this alienated small town of Kampar and will only be back with my family unless i swim across South China Sea but still i managed to celebrate this festival with fellow friends. Forget exam and everything. We gathered together and made our own Tangyuan.

Initially the plan is to make a pot of Tangyuan and watch a movie together at night before 10pm. Then i get back home after that and continue with my preparation for the exam on the next day. But, it ended up slightly twisted from the original on to find out how it ended.

So, on the day itself i went to Spiky's house and helped with the ingredients. I know nothing about the process of making Tangyuan and was therefore assigned to the simplest task of all which is......

Shaving the apples bald.

I did a great job on that, dint i?

Apples. I know you're probably thinking 'What's the heck was apple doing there?' Well, simple. Since last year we already have Dragonfruit and Honeydew flavors for our Tangyuan so we decided to do a new flavor this year. Apple flavor! Cool huh? I bet no one have that. Anyway, the idea failed dreadfully and we ended up stuffing the apples into our mouths instead. So, dont try that at home.

As bad as it seems, i suggested one more stupid idea which further declared our failure. See this......

Instead of getting one nice pot of Tangyuan with apple scented aroma we got a whole pot of Tangyuan with floating chopped-into-tiny-slices-fleshes of apples.

'Whose stupid idea was that? I cant see the Tangyuan', said Spiky.


'Apple is rich in concentrated fructose sugar mar~~~so i tot maybe we can add some sweetness to our Tangyuan.', i defended my own idiotic act.

They didn't blame me for spoiling it and we made another pot of Tangyuan by

adding H2O and squeeze/punch the flour until its not sticky and is in a whole.

and roll it up into a small ball.

roll....and roll...and roll....

and you roll....
and roll.....
and roll......
and you roll.....
roll and roll.....

Yeah i know, that was pretty boring. Guess that's why some peoples start to get creative.

and there goes the copycat phenomenons

Spotted that Alien over there? I made that. I wanted to make a 3D teddy bear but i get a 2D alien instead. That just proven my art sense was so damn good i can beat the legendary famous Picasso. What? You do not agree with me? I can make one pretty nice 2D alien with tiny 0.5mm in length and 0.2mm in width tentacles from flour, can he?

After we're done with cooking our Tangyuan, we settle down for a movie. We watched 'Alvin and The Chipmunk' and the movie ended by 10.30pm. Instead of going back home to study for tomorrow exam i stayed for a game.

I tell you what. This is the longest stacker game i ever played in my life. You know why? Credit to this guy below....

So, i played the game until 2am.

Luckily the next day of my exam, god is by my side. I sort of like having a....erm....what we call it...synesthesia....i think. Is just like seeing the image, words, and letters of my lecture note hanging right in front of me. I can copy the information from the note generated in my brains words by words, letters by letters without even have to think. I just see it. In my brain. I'm quite shock when i start seeing the image of my notes in my mind so clearly that i thought i might have fallen asleep and was only dreaming. I slap myself on the face to make sure that i was not sleeping. Bet my apple flavor tangyuan was not a failure after all. ^_^


  1. Did I said that ?

    I cant remember it already, but it turns out to be fun having apples all over the soup, it looks just like we're frying french fries. XD

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  2. You better get your ass out of your bed and get down here asap.



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