Friday, December 25, 2009

Celebrating Christmas```

Well, it'd been a while since the last time i came out with a proper blog post about myself. There're exam and lot of others stuff to dealt with. Now, exam is over and i'm finally free. I'm very confident with my papers for this semester. Hopefully there'll be some good news to announce here.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and i'm celebrating mine with my friends at this little town of Kampar. I wonders how my friends at some others part of this earth celebrate theirs? Hey friends, mine telling me if you're reading this now??? Anyway, Happy Christmas to you guys and may all your wishes come true in near future. Of course, Happy Birthday to Li Yen. I know is late. I have this habit of forgetting birthdays. I even forget my own birth's day so bear with me. Haha~

So this cute little Santa here was a Christmas gift from Scott and Jing. Thanks guys. I likes it very much. The candy is so colorful, it light up the mood of my study desk. Wakakaka......

Too bad i didn't brought my gift in exchange for this Santa. Haha....maybe next time.

The Christmas for this year and last year were pretty different. Last year, weeks before Christmas i have to do a Talk Show for Public Speaking and on Christmas Eve the whole class decided to wore the Christmas Hat to lecture for one whole day. And on Christmas itself, i stay up whole night partying with my siblings, cousins and friends not forgetting exchanging gifts with fellow course mates too.

This year, Christmas fall on the same time as did our semester break. Apparently, everyones were back to theirs hometown left alone quietness and a smell of loneliness up in the airs of Kampar town. Despite these facts, still the warms of Christmas i felt this year was relatively same as last years.

The photos taken yesterday night are still with Spiky. I'll update it here as soon as i got it from him. Well, right now you just have to use your own imagination. This year, there're just the 4 of us. Me, Jing, Spiky and Scott. We decided to do a countdown at the lake of Kampar. So, before the countdown, me and Spiky dropped by a Malay stall and bought our foods. The boss was so nice he even treated us some kuih. Jing and Scott joined us later and we cycled to 7-11 to get our drinks. Off we went to Spiky house to collect the camera and Christmas hat.

By the times we reached the lakeside, lot of peoples were already there, mainly students and some local. We quickly marked down our territory, eaten our foods, and played with the snow spray. Peoples were staring at us since we're the only gang that got the snow spray. Hoho. So, we sprayed

and we sprayed

and we sprayed

and we sprayed.........

until......the spray bottles started generating bubbles instead of snow. Then, we sat down and i did some juggling with the empty spray bottles. Yeah, bravo!!! Now I've became a street performer. Jing were clapping and others were laughing.

Then, someone asked, 'What's next?'.



and Jing suggested, 'Let's play TRUE or DARE.'

I was quite reluctant to join in at first but despite the bandwagon effect, i finally gave way. The first unlucky guy was Scott and he'd chosen "DaRe". So, Spiky as the host dared him up on a quest. Is simple. He'll just needs to ride on his bicycle while ringing his bell and goes all the way up the lake greeting each strangers his met with 'Merry Christmas'.

Despite his shyness, i was quite doubtful whether or not he's going to make it. Then, to my inclined of disbelieving that he's going to make it. Scott went on his bike and face up with the challenge. Me and Jing were both laughing our heads off.

Then the next unlucky guy was Spiky. Scott revenged back by daring him up on another quest. So, the poor guy went all the way and sang a Christmas song to a group of peoples nearby.

Next up, Jing who chosen 'TRUE'. So each one of us used this opportunity to ask questions that cleared our dubiousness toward certain issues we never get the chance to figure out.

35minutes through the game, still i remained the luckiest one. No dare and No true. I laughed evilly and sparked the nerves of the rest. So, they decided to cast a new spell which only break when the evil witch repay for what she did to the innocent.

As magically as its sound, the spell worked immediately. I was dared to do a pole dancing. Some Indians guys were nearby so they gave me an exemption and let me answer some questions first.

Question from Jing, 'If you get to choose a guy from TE4, who will you choose to date?'
Answer from me, 'I'll choose Ragu, since he agree to whatever i asked him to do. Should be easy to bully and that'll be fun.'
The true is, 'Not even one guy from TE4.'

Question from Scott, 'If a muscular guy showed up of nowhere and asked you to squeeze his chest. Will you?'
Answer from me, 'Yes, i will. I love muscular guy.'
The true is, 'indeed i will but he must be a cute guy or else i'll kick his ball and see whether that part of his, is as muscular as he seems with his chest.'

Question from Spiky, '(Totally forgotten)'
Remind me.

We played the game for a few rounds and dared Spiky to greet 'Merry Christmas' to a Malay girl in a car. We also dared Jing to strikes 5 sexy poses

and finally my turn to do the pole dancing on hold just now. So i get to the nearest 'pole' i can find and danced. Some guys passed by kept staring back and laughed. They screamed for more but the remained energy were drained up. I was done and the game ended.

I got back home at 2am in the morning and went to bed with smile on my face. Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. well, i just eat, eat and eat for this x'mas. nothing much~

  2. Mine is "what if you're a lesbien, who will you choose in TE 4 girls except Kalai and Amsha."


  3. Oh yeah, but i'd forgotten my answer. Hahahaha

  4. Ring, coz she can play with you or she's crazy or something like that...



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