Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sun Tzi

Sun Tzi....haha...finally have a brief ideas of what to write. Anyway, i still need to do a lot of case study. Today, i overslept and skipped my first class. All the lecturer just kept remind us to began study for final. is around the corner. The exam timetable was out already. Seems like is really is time to study.

Recently, i spent a lot of money buying ticket. AirAsia just keep offering cheaper and cheaper fares. Lot of travels to do next year. money money. I need money now so i can buy buy buy buy buyyyyyyyyyyy.........

Just checked YouTube and these are a must watch.....
Embedding roll your cursor here and here to watch.

I'm off to bed....
Tell me which video you prefer.


  1. No time youtubing such stuff.. very busy one you know??

  2. lady gaga one better than rihanna~
    hey , check dis out~
    Lady Gaga and Lord Gaga



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