Saturday, November 7, 2009

I got fanssssssyyyy

This post should have been published earlier but despite the connection at my house it was therefore delay until today. Let's just said that this house is filled with 'PPS' and 'DL' maniacs that have no basic human sense.

Forget about the bad connection and those rodents in my house. I have a great times playing badminton with fellow friends at TAR college the night before. Is fun watching everyone in action. Some was hyper active until.......

Wa~~~~who is this???

while some..........

The blur one~~~
Har??? Why am i here????

and some only know how to stood like a statue and grinned at thin air.

See that guy in black.......

And see this girl in white.......

Another idiots spotted grinning at nothing.

Somebody drag this guy outta the court please!!!!!

Okay....time to get serious.....

We'll begin with the dual.....

Me and Henry in action.....

Now is my turn to kick some ass....!!!

Too bad!!! James got us!!!!

I'll smash you guys up just like smashed potatoes!!!

I revenge with more power!!!! tummy also came out to greet you all.

In your dream maybe you'll get us.....A~~~CHA!!!!!

Next, we got Rainie...

Sau Ting


Wai Ching



and of course...the most popular of all~~~~


What???? I'm not popular????

Nah....i'll show you the prove. See.....
My number 1 fan

My number 2 fan

Muahahahahaha.....i got so many fans..... time just approach me directly. There is no need to be shy. Muahahahahaha......

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