Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gyee!!!! You should be responsible!!!!!

Responsibility. Wuahahahahahaha......!!!! I've went to the consultant today and guess what. I did a test and responsibility is the thing i lack of according to the test itself. Well, that's funny. I never think that i would be categorize under this 'irresponsible' category. Muahahahaha....something must have went wrong.

Anyway, the consultant suggested me to get a pet and look after it. From this, i will be able to build some responsibility for myself. Okay, so i went to Tesco after that and got myself a pet which cost about RM6 just for the sake of building some responsibility.

Well, say hello to my new pet. ^_^V

By the way, AK is sending emails to all shortlisted candidates again. Good news man!!!!

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