Sunday, November 15, 2009

Far and Fat

Recently, i found nothing that interest me at all (even typing this blog took me about 1 whole day). I planned to go for a shopping but i found myself dealing with two 'f'' words that just pull all my mood away.

The first one is

FAR-----yeah, i'm staying at a far far away cottage that's located in the middle of far far away land i nearly forget that skyscraper exist in this world.

The last time i looked out a car's window.
Now, when i look out.....
Yeah....really CB....

The second is

FAT-----yeah, i'm feeling so fat i dont feel like moving. Yeah, i know. The side effect of getting fat is lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Help, can somebody save me from drowning more and more into these two curse that just wont leave me alone????

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