Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm thinking of getting my eyes an upgrade from 2 to 4. Recently, there're just too many workload i needed to shit out before the end of this week. Right now, i'm doing tones of reading just for the sake of doing the Sun Tzi Art Of War's assignment. If i persist like this, i'm swear that i'll be an expert in the 100m race. Not the 100m race held inside a stadium but the 100m race held inside the mind.

Kampar has been raining for 1 whole weeks now. If the weather persists on like this i guess i'll need to wrap myself up with the curtain. No fun for this week but maybe some fun for next week. Meeting up with the Leng Zai i just know for some XXXX practice session in campus. Muahahahahaha....Will get his photo and paste it up here the next time.

Alright, i better be back on my work before i forget where's the point i needed to highlight.

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