Friday, November 6, 2009

Blue bird.....Badminton.....Rain

It rained again today. Saw a blue bird on my way back but when i try to approach it. It flew off.

Tonight i'm going to TAR college. Be back with some photo i guess.

Anyway, the class today with the Nigerian lecturer was the same as usual. He asked us to wrote down what's our biggest fear, our most embarrassing moment in life and also our hidden personalities that others don't know.

Again!!! This girl....

She:'I dunno wat i should write.'
She:'Why you always wrote out something so fast?'
Me:'Because i know myself well.'
She:'Can you tell me what i should write?'
Me:'Just write anything. I don't think this is very hard.'
She:'Is very hard!!!!'
Me:'Okay. Are you afraid of death?'
She:'Of course!!!'
Me:'Okay. Now you got one point.'
She:'Huh. Write that??? I dun want to write that. I wan something else. You have any idea what am i suppose to write?'
Me:'You should start asking yourself and not me.'
She:'But i dunno what to write. Oh!!! Tell me what i should write!!!'
Me:'What are the things that others dunno about you?'
She:'I shared everything to my friends and there is nothing that others dunno about me.'
Me:'Oh really? Now, i got a few questions. What's your bra size? What's the measurement of your waist, your thigh, and your butt?'
She:'Yer~~~~~~~why you ask like this one????'
Me:'You said you shared everything to your friends. Obviously is not.'

Few second later.......

She:'I still dunno what i should write. Can i see what you have write?'
Me:'Ok' (pass her my work)
She:'What this word means?'
Me:'bla bla bla bla bla.....'
She:'Yer~~~~~~you did that before?'
Me:'Are you done with your work?'
She:'I dunno what to write.'
Me:'Obviously you don't have a personality of yourself and tend to follow what others are doing. Is a pity that we are the same age and yet you are still so naive.'
She:'What is the meaning of naive?'
Me:'Go back home and dig your own dictionary. N-A-I-V-E.'
She:'I think i'll just write like what you've wrote.'
Me:'Oh, yeah sure. I still got plenty to write.'
She:'Then just tell me what i should write.'
Me:'Give me your paper. I'll do it for you.'

She happily passed me her paper. And this what i've wrote.

'I'm a brainless little brat that know nothing about myself. I don't have a life. I follow what others are doing. I hate myself. I'm lost. I always turn to others for help. I'm not independent. I couldn't imagine further if i was left stranded alone on an virgin island. I bet that my biggest fear in life was death and i guess my most embarrassing moment in life was now because even a simple task like this i couldn't complete it on my own and turn to her(me) for help. I hope there wouldn't be any more question like this again or else i'll start crying helplessly because she(me) said this would be the last time.'

P/S~~~~Dear Sir, i guess is better we do something impromptu next time.

Oh well, hope she'll get what i meant.

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