Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A blank sheet of paper and a ladder......

It rained 4 times today!!!! Wonder why Kampar town rained this often? The weather is very unpredictable. This minute, the sun was shinning brightly on top of your head and the next minute you'll see peoples rushing in and out of theirs houses gathering theirs clothing.

I've finally met up with the girl from the blogging competition which happened to be a Kampar, Utar's Student exactly like me. So, all this while I've got her name correctly. Is quite hard to pronounce actually. Shyan is her name. She told me that AK never call her up, even for the first stage. Gosh~~~that's bad.

Anyway, i've learned something very very very very disturbing from her friend. I guess i better pay another visit to the consultant or else i'll be having more nightmare. I just kept recall back what i've saw the moment i fall down on the rock at the waterfall that day. This is not a good sign, i shouldn't have went there. I better stop talking about it.

The class today with the Nigerian tutor was boring as usual. We are asked to draw an object that best represent our sell concept in life and then we'll be presenting about it later. I've draw the first thing that came into my mind which is 'a ladder'.

The girl sitting next to me was quite annoying because she just kept on asking me what to draw. The conservation goes like this.

She:'I dunno what to draw. Do you know what to draw?'
Me:' Yeah'
She:'What should i draw? Do you know what i should draw?'
Me:'Just draw the object that you think best imply to your concept'
She:'I dunno what the object i should draw. You can tell me what i should draw?'
Me:'Erm.....just draw whatever that you think that will suit with your style or maybe your personalities.'
She:'I dunno what my style is. Can you just tell me what i should draw?'
Me:'I cant tell you what you should draw because you see this is about you and not me.'
She:'But i really dunno what to draw. Can you just name any object that you think i should draw?'
Me:'Okay. I'm drawing a ladder. Constantly aware of my surrounding and no short cut. Ring any bells now?'
She:'No. I still dunno what i should draw. Can you just tell me what i should draw?'
Me:'Okay but beer in mind. This is only my suggestion. How bout this? A blank sheet of paper.'
She:'A blank sheet of paper? Why it is so?'
Me:'A blank sheet of paper waiting to be fill up with informations.'

After i've said that, she kept quiet and no longer repeating the question. I thought she was angry but when i turn to apologize. I saw her blank sheet of paper is now filled with the sentences i've just said and another sketching of another blank sheet of paper on it. I rolled my eyes and said nothing more. Then....

She:'Can you elaborate more?'
She:'Can you elaborate more on this object you've asked me to draw?'
Me:'I beg your pardon.'
She:'The blank sheet of paper. I cant begin my presentation with only one sentence.'
Me:'Okay. I've changed my mind. I will draw a gun as my object now.'

You're not that 'blank' after all huh....Still can get what i've meant.

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