Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bird Watching

Organization and Human Resource tutorial class at 2pm, i was requested by the tutor to answer all the question for this tutorial. Lesson last until 3.30pm.

Bird watching activity at 2pm. There will be a briefing until 3pm. Field trip after 3pm.

Arrrghhhhhh......why is it always have to crash????

Although my hearth say~~~~ skip the stupid class and went for the briefing

but my brain say~~~~~~ No, you cant!!! Remember what the tutor asked you to do!!! You can skip any class but not this!!!!!

In the end, i follow my brain and went for the tutorial class. So, the class started exactly on 2pm. I answered all the question as fast as i could and class ended by 2.45pm. At first, the tutor requested other students to explain about some of the theory we've learnt but she finally agree to let us off earlier after i promised to do a full coverage of all those theories by volunteering a presentation next week. =_=||| Gosh...what have i got myself into.

Anyway, i cycled to Block A with all my might. I was in a rush and didn't realized that some busybody was following behind me. When i got myself to the briefing hall, they suddenly shouted, 'Wait for us!!!!!'. =_=||| So, i wait for them before going into the hall.

Then they asked me, 'Hey, you are rushing so fast for what???'

I didn't answered and just open the door into the hall while signalling for them to follow suit. They popped theirs heads in but were too afraid to came into the hall. They signaled a goodbye to me and left. I knew so.

So, basically the briefing was given by a local bird watcher. Since i was so late, i just went straight to the upper most row. The man was talking about the different species of birds we can find in Malaysia. He showed us slide after slide of bird photos taken by him. I guess i probably missed about 90 slides. Haha....

This is one of the bird slide he had showed us. Is called Black-Headed Munia. I finally know the name of this bird. The name given by my dad was totally a different story. I used to called it 'Gui Niao' in Mandarin, a direct translation to english will be 'Ghost Bird'. =_=||| Is what my dad told me....he even said if you encountered with one of this bird, you'll get very very unlucky.

Nice try dad....=_=||| A good way to trick your kids from messing around with one of this birdy.

After the briefing, the bird watcher gave us some quizzes. Those success in answering the quizzes will be awarded with prizes. Since i'm damn late, i totally have no idea of the answer. There's an Indian girl who won double prizes. We head out for the field trip after the quizzes.

This old man here is one of the bird watcher(pro).

I've forgotten the name of this 'telescope-look-alike'. I only remember the price. Is about 10K++.

Posing with the Rm10K++'YO.....i saw a catepillar!!!!'
This binocular here cost about 2K like that....Forgot the name also... so only...
Scott and his gang who doesn't seem interested at all.....
Tweety-Chan looking so confused......

Remember on my previous post, i've mentioned about a blue bird. Well, i know its name now. Is called 'White-breasted kingfisher'
Nah....this is it.....

Going to class back after the gym....


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  2. Can put laptop dee but i use it to carry my texts and notes.

    Last time, i bought it in Kuching Indian Street.

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