Monday, November 2, 2009

Batu Berangkai waterfall trip~~~

Nothing much at the waterfall actually. I was more attracted to the surrounding orang asli houses and the Raja Brooke butterflies spotted near the water bank then what brought us there in the first place. =_=V yeah i know, i'm a bit different.

Anyway, i do hate waterfall, usually i'll just sit near the bank and left asap after seeing whatever that is necessary. This is the first time i actually jumped into the water and bruised my leg badly because i was tripped down by a rock and fallen onto another rock. The end result is this ugly wound pasted on my leg that's STILL harvesting fresh RBC from my poor blood vessels.

It sure pay for being mischievous. I bet is gonna be hurt terribly when it come to cycling tomorrow morning. >.<

I should not have go. It does cost me a lot for this trip. T_T I've lost my best travel buddy. T_T Anyone know where's the nearest Sony Center????

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  1. HI! dropping by!
    have a nice day!!

    Take care, it looks bad..



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