Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are you a curious baby???

Housemate of mine throwing up a party yesterday night and today morning, one of the guy that went for the party asked me.......

'Hey! Why you didn't join in the fun? Why you didn't come out to greet me?'

I was like 'Duh~~~how on earth would i've expect you to be there.'

Now come to think of it....what's the heck am i doing yesterday night??? I totally have no ideas of what i'm doing. I know i've heard laughter and peoples singing yet i make no effort to find out about what's going on. I continues on what i'm doing and doesn't even bother about it.

Well, i tend to notice that i'm a little bit slow in reaction. The only reason i could think of if maybe i'm just too self-centered and is not curious toward what peoples said. I pay less attention to things that are unrelevant to me. Even when everyone turned theirs head to look at the poor fellow whom fall off the chair during lecture, i notice that i'm the only one still gazing up front.

Some peoples, they likes to bring up a conversation without clarifiying the exact message they want to deliver and they tend to let you to decode theirs message the way you want it. In another word, there are some masked message in the conversation they carry but they let you guess about it. Take a simple example, when girls are gossiping.

A said : ' Hey, you know ah....that girl the one that.....neh.....that one lar....'
B said : 'Know what? Which girl? What that one?'
A said : 'Neh...that thing know lar...that one..that one lar....'

and B will start making endless assumptions about 'who's that girl is' , 'what that girl did' and so on.....

Well, this is just a simple example. My question there really a need to be curious? I'm asking this because my friends complaint that i'm careless and too cold-blooded.

I'm not so sure about that but i did went online and read news everyday. Am i really that careless or just too mature minded? You tell me about that.

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  1. I agreed that you dun need to care too much about what other comment. Some people just like to make you curious on purpose, thinking that you will keep on asking them what happened.



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