Sunday, November 29, 2009


Woaaaaaa.....the connection is really suck man!!!! I wonder what's up with everyone? Are they really so boring that all the things they get to do were dowloading from the internet, streaming at PPS, gaming and nothing else.

Woaaaaaaa..........really suck!!!!! BTW. i'm still thinking of staying yet i found that it is impossible to not move. This house is really suck!!!! It suck still the limits man!!!! I'm so damn pissed off when i found out that my stuffs been flying around, package of mine being ripped off by 'rats', endless human attitude issues which i can stand no longer. I really feels like kicking up someone asshole right now!!!!!!

Shut that damn music off please!!!!!!!!! I'm concentrating on my study man!!!!!!!! So be considerate and SHUT UP!!!!!!

SHUT UP!!!! STU!!!!!!!!!

Drama photos

I'm getting lazy to describe things up. Well, just let the pictures do the talking then. All this photos were taken last week, i just got it from Henry yesterday. Is related to the drama i've did with fellow coursemates.

This is me with Janice after the drama. Spot the half naked guy behind?

I donno their name but theirs drama is very impressive. Is about family issues.

This is the guy that stared as a GIGOLO.

Gigolo dance....

The superstar....

The superstar's mother.

Doctor trying to save her......

They failed and she collapsed. Just that she was accompany by the desk too!!! I bet that hurt...Ouch`~~~

Wu...did you notice that??? She looks happy in her death......

Next up....
Me molesting Michelle. She seems happy anyway....

I guess dressing up like a girl is the latest new hobby among guys.......

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sun Tzi

Sun Tzi....haha...finally have a brief ideas of what to write. Anyway, i still need to do a lot of case study. Today, i overslept and skipped my first class. All the lecturer just kept remind us to began study for final. is around the corner. The exam timetable was out already. Seems like is really is time to study.

Recently, i spent a lot of money buying ticket. AirAsia just keep offering cheaper and cheaper fares. Lot of travels to do next year. money money. I need money now so i can buy buy buy buy buyyyyyyyyyyy.........

Just checked YouTube and these are a must watch.....
Embedding roll your cursor here and here to watch.

I'm off to bed....
Tell me which video you prefer.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm dying

For the past few hours, i'd been staring at this screen and yet my document sheet is still as empty as before. Gosh!!! I have no idea what the heck i'm doing now. Gosh!!!!

Can anyone tell me what the heck is wrong with Malaysia Telco??? Since when so many new competitor enter the market???? And since when we got such a huge variable of choices???

Arghhh......i'm dying. I know nothing about telecommunication!!!! I know more about airlines. Can we choose those company from the aviation industry and not telecommunication industry???

Gosh.....i'm dying faster.


I'm thinking of getting my eyes an upgrade from 2 to 4. Recently, there're just too many workload i needed to shit out before the end of this week. Right now, i'm doing tones of reading just for the sake of doing the Sun Tzi Art Of War's assignment. If i persist like this, i'm swear that i'll be an expert in the 100m race. Not the 100m race held inside a stadium but the 100m race held inside the mind.

Kampar has been raining for 1 whole weeks now. If the weather persists on like this i guess i'll need to wrap myself up with the curtain. No fun for this week but maybe some fun for next week. Meeting up with the Leng Zai i just know for some XXXX practice session in campus. Muahahahahaha....Will get his photo and paste it up here the next time.

Alright, i better be back on my work before i forget where's the point i needed to highlight.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bird Watching

Organization and Human Resource tutorial class at 2pm, i was requested by the tutor to answer all the question for this tutorial. Lesson last until 3.30pm.

Bird watching activity at 2pm. There will be a briefing until 3pm. Field trip after 3pm.

Arrrghhhhhh......why is it always have to crash????

Although my hearth say~~~~ skip the stupid class and went for the briefing

but my brain say~~~~~~ No, you cant!!! Remember what the tutor asked you to do!!! You can skip any class but not this!!!!!

In the end, i follow my brain and went for the tutorial class. So, the class started exactly on 2pm. I answered all the question as fast as i could and class ended by 2.45pm. At first, the tutor requested other students to explain about some of the theory we've learnt but she finally agree to let us off earlier after i promised to do a full coverage of all those theories by volunteering a presentation next week. =_=||| Gosh...what have i got myself into.

Anyway, i cycled to Block A with all my might. I was in a rush and didn't realized that some busybody was following behind me. When i got myself to the briefing hall, they suddenly shouted, 'Wait for us!!!!!'. =_=||| So, i wait for them before going into the hall.

Then they asked me, 'Hey, you are rushing so fast for what???'

I didn't answered and just open the door into the hall while signalling for them to follow suit. They popped theirs heads in but were too afraid to came into the hall. They signaled a goodbye to me and left. I knew so.

So, basically the briefing was given by a local bird watcher. Since i was so late, i just went straight to the upper most row. The man was talking about the different species of birds we can find in Malaysia. He showed us slide after slide of bird photos taken by him. I guess i probably missed about 90 slides. Haha....

This is one of the bird slide he had showed us. Is called Black-Headed Munia. I finally know the name of this bird. The name given by my dad was totally a different story. I used to called it 'Gui Niao' in Mandarin, a direct translation to english will be 'Ghost Bird'. =_=||| Is what my dad told me....he even said if you encountered with one of this bird, you'll get very very unlucky.

Nice try dad....=_=||| A good way to trick your kids from messing around with one of this birdy.

After the briefing, the bird watcher gave us some quizzes. Those success in answering the quizzes will be awarded with prizes. Since i'm damn late, i totally have no idea of the answer. There's an Indian girl who won double prizes. We head out for the field trip after the quizzes.

This old man here is one of the bird watcher(pro).

I've forgotten the name of this 'telescope-look-alike'. I only remember the price. Is about 10K++.

Posing with the Rm10K++'YO.....i saw a catepillar!!!!'
This binocular here cost about 2K like that....Forgot the name also... so only...
Scott and his gang who doesn't seem interested at all.....
Tweety-Chan looking so confused......

Remember on my previous post, i've mentioned about a blue bird. Well, i know its name now. Is called 'White-breasted kingfisher'
Nah....this is it.....

Going to class back after the gym....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Assignment week

This week is all about assignment, so was the next week and the next next coming week. I saw Yoga today and she said i have put on some weight. God!!!! Yeah, i know. You don't have to remind me of that.

Met some new friends today. They are all the same age as me. Today lesson was boring as usual and i swear i'm never going to sit at the front row ever again. The lecturer needs some fresh mint tablet and i need some plastic cover to cover up my face. She just kept 'splitting water' when she speak and the condition got more worst when the air around her stink whenever she open her mouth.

I'm in a blue moon now. I don't feel like doing anything beside lying on my bed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Far and Fat

Recently, i found nothing that interest me at all (even typing this blog took me about 1 whole day). I planned to go for a shopping but i found myself dealing with two 'f'' words that just pull all my mood away.

The first one is

FAR-----yeah, i'm staying at a far far away cottage that's located in the middle of far far away land i nearly forget that skyscraper exist in this world.

The last time i looked out a car's window.
Now, when i look out.....
Yeah....really CB....

The second is

FAT-----yeah, i'm feeling so fat i dont feel like moving. Yeah, i know. The side effect of getting fat is lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy....

Help, can somebody save me from drowning more and more into these two curse that just wont leave me alone????

Public bank is the most idiot of all!!!

I'm so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fed up with Public Bank!!!!

If not because of the stupid Utar i dont think i would ever invest in this bank!!!!

Idiot!!!! Service is damn bad!!!! System is damn bad!!!!!

Now you charge me double for the stupid ticket nah har!!!!! Rm50 become Rm100 ah har????

You lar!!!! You know who you are!!!! Blabbing here and there~!!!!!! Now i have to go all the way to the stupid bank to claim back my money!!!!!!!!!

Stupid bank!!! Process one transaction also needs so much time!!!!! Mother fucker!@T#$@!^%@#!^$!^257436$@**$^*!%^@

Stupid house!!!! Stupid connection!!!!!!!!!! Everything is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fed up!!!!! I'm writing a complaint letter to complaint about this!!!! The description was not up to date!!!!! Call to AK.....they said confirm with PB....Call to PB they ask me to refer back with AK.....Wat the heck!!!!!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Which one is nicer???

Dunno which to choose nei....all look not bad to me nei....Help me choose nei....




Saturday, November 7, 2009

Made In Malaysia???

Here's a TV commercial by TM which i think is very creative. You probably have seen it on TV and wonder what's the name of the song.

Well, watch it now if you haven't.

The song you've heard is called 'Through My Window' by a local Indie-rock band known as 'Bunkface'. Trust me. Theirs songs rock!!!

It doesn't sound like local made thought. The vocalist doesn't even carry the local Malay slang. Anyway, i never seen them in live yet so cant comment any further. Well, you know, what you've heard from CD is always different but still i'm very impressed.

Here's the lyrics.

Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye, it’s just another day
Telling me why, I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me, we are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Me and you, And we are not alone
Different view, We are together now
Through my window, I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now

Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Now there’s me and you, you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

Rolls your cursor here to download this song. Enjoys~~

P/S~~~Support local artists.....>_^v

I got fanssssssyyyy

This post should have been published earlier but despite the connection at my house it was therefore delay until today. Let's just said that this house is filled with 'PPS' and 'DL' maniacs that have no basic human sense.

Forget about the bad connection and those rodents in my house. I have a great times playing badminton with fellow friends at TAR college the night before. Is fun watching everyone in action. Some was hyper active until.......

Wa~~~~who is this???

while some..........

The blur one~~~
Har??? Why am i here????

and some only know how to stood like a statue and grinned at thin air.

See that guy in black.......

And see this girl in white.......

Another idiots spotted grinning at nothing.

Somebody drag this guy outta the court please!!!!!

Okay....time to get serious.....

We'll begin with the dual.....

Me and Henry in action.....

Now is my turn to kick some ass....!!!

Too bad!!! James got us!!!!

I'll smash you guys up just like smashed potatoes!!!

I revenge with more power!!!! tummy also came out to greet you all.

In your dream maybe you'll get us.....A~~~CHA!!!!!

Next, we got Rainie...

Sau Ting


Wai Ching



and of course...the most popular of all~~~~


What???? I'm not popular????

Nah....i'll show you the prove. See.....
My number 1 fan

My number 2 fan

Muahahahahaha.....i got so many fans..... time just approach me directly. There is no need to be shy. Muahahahahaha......

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blue bird.....Badminton.....Rain

It rained again today. Saw a blue bird on my way back but when i try to approach it. It flew off.

Tonight i'm going to TAR college. Be back with some photo i guess.

Anyway, the class today with the Nigerian lecturer was the same as usual. He asked us to wrote down what's our biggest fear, our most embarrassing moment in life and also our hidden personalities that others don't know.

Again!!! This girl....

She:'I dunno wat i should write.'
She:'Why you always wrote out something so fast?'
Me:'Because i know myself well.'
She:'Can you tell me what i should write?'
Me:'Just write anything. I don't think this is very hard.'
She:'Is very hard!!!!'
Me:'Okay. Are you afraid of death?'
She:'Of course!!!'
Me:'Okay. Now you got one point.'
She:'Huh. Write that??? I dun want to write that. I wan something else. You have any idea what am i suppose to write?'
Me:'You should start asking yourself and not me.'
She:'But i dunno what to write. Oh!!! Tell me what i should write!!!'
Me:'What are the things that others dunno about you?'
She:'I shared everything to my friends and there is nothing that others dunno about me.'
Me:'Oh really? Now, i got a few questions. What's your bra size? What's the measurement of your waist, your thigh, and your butt?'
She:'Yer~~~~~~~why you ask like this one????'
Me:'You said you shared everything to your friends. Obviously is not.'

Few second later.......

She:'I still dunno what i should write. Can i see what you have write?'
Me:'Ok' (pass her my work)
She:'What this word means?'
Me:'bla bla bla bla bla.....'
She:'Yer~~~~~~you did that before?'
Me:'Are you done with your work?'
She:'I dunno what to write.'
Me:'Obviously you don't have a personality of yourself and tend to follow what others are doing. Is a pity that we are the same age and yet you are still so naive.'
She:'What is the meaning of naive?'
Me:'Go back home and dig your own dictionary. N-A-I-V-E.'
She:'I think i'll just write like what you've wrote.'
Me:'Oh, yeah sure. I still got plenty to write.'
She:'Then just tell me what i should write.'
Me:'Give me your paper. I'll do it for you.'

She happily passed me her paper. And this what i've wrote.

'I'm a brainless little brat that know nothing about myself. I don't have a life. I follow what others are doing. I hate myself. I'm lost. I always turn to others for help. I'm not independent. I couldn't imagine further if i was left stranded alone on an virgin island. I bet that my biggest fear in life was death and i guess my most embarrassing moment in life was now because even a simple task like this i couldn't complete it on my own and turn to her(me) for help. I hope there wouldn't be any more question like this again or else i'll start crying helplessly because she(me) said this would be the last time.'

P/S~~~~Dear Sir, i guess is better we do something impromptu next time.

Oh well, hope she'll get what i meant.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A blank sheet of paper and a ladder......

It rained 4 times today!!!! Wonder why Kampar town rained this often? The weather is very unpredictable. This minute, the sun was shinning brightly on top of your head and the next minute you'll see peoples rushing in and out of theirs houses gathering theirs clothing.

I've finally met up with the girl from the blogging competition which happened to be a Kampar, Utar's Student exactly like me. So, all this while I've got her name correctly. Is quite hard to pronounce actually. Shyan is her name. She told me that AK never call her up, even for the first stage. Gosh~~~that's bad.

Anyway, i've learned something very very very very disturbing from her friend. I guess i better pay another visit to the consultant or else i'll be having more nightmare. I just kept recall back what i've saw the moment i fall down on the rock at the waterfall that day. This is not a good sign, i shouldn't have went there. I better stop talking about it.

The class today with the Nigerian tutor was boring as usual. We are asked to draw an object that best represent our sell concept in life and then we'll be presenting about it later. I've draw the first thing that came into my mind which is 'a ladder'.

The girl sitting next to me was quite annoying because she just kept on asking me what to draw. The conservation goes like this.

She:'I dunno what to draw. Do you know what to draw?'
Me:' Yeah'
She:'What should i draw? Do you know what i should draw?'
Me:'Just draw the object that you think best imply to your concept'
She:'I dunno what the object i should draw. You can tell me what i should draw?'
Me:'Erm.....just draw whatever that you think that will suit with your style or maybe your personalities.'
She:'I dunno what my style is. Can you just tell me what i should draw?'
Me:'I cant tell you what you should draw because you see this is about you and not me.'
She:'But i really dunno what to draw. Can you just name any object that you think i should draw?'
Me:'Okay. I'm drawing a ladder. Constantly aware of my surrounding and no short cut. Ring any bells now?'
She:'No. I still dunno what i should draw. Can you just tell me what i should draw?'
Me:'Okay but beer in mind. This is only my suggestion. How bout this? A blank sheet of paper.'
She:'A blank sheet of paper? Why it is so?'
Me:'A blank sheet of paper waiting to be fill up with informations.'

After i've said that, she kept quiet and no longer repeating the question. I thought she was angry but when i turn to apologize. I saw her blank sheet of paper is now filled with the sentences i've just said and another sketching of another blank sheet of paper on it. I rolled my eyes and said nothing more. Then....

She:'Can you elaborate more?'
She:'Can you elaborate more on this object you've asked me to draw?'
Me:'I beg your pardon.'
She:'The blank sheet of paper. I cant begin my presentation with only one sentence.'
Me:'Okay. I've changed my mind. I will draw a gun as my object now.'

You're not that 'blank' after all huh....Still can get what i've meant.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gyee!!!! You should be responsible!!!!!

Responsibility. Wuahahahahahaha......!!!! I've went to the consultant today and guess what. I did a test and responsibility is the thing i lack of according to the test itself. Well, that's funny. I never think that i would be categorize under this 'irresponsible' category. Muahahahaha....something must have went wrong.

Anyway, the consultant suggested me to get a pet and look after it. From this, i will be able to build some responsibility for myself. Okay, so i went to Tesco after that and got myself a pet which cost about RM6 just for the sake of building some responsibility.

Well, say hello to my new pet. ^_^V

By the way, AK is sending emails to all shortlisted candidates again. Good news man!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Batu Berangkai waterfall trip~~~

Nothing much at the waterfall actually. I was more attracted to the surrounding orang asli houses and the Raja Brooke butterflies spotted near the water bank then what brought us there in the first place. =_=V yeah i know, i'm a bit different.

Anyway, i do hate waterfall, usually i'll just sit near the bank and left asap after seeing whatever that is necessary. This is the first time i actually jumped into the water and bruised my leg badly because i was tripped down by a rock and fallen onto another rock. The end result is this ugly wound pasted on my leg that's STILL harvesting fresh RBC from my poor blood vessels.

It sure pay for being mischievous. I bet is gonna be hurt terribly when it come to cycling tomorrow morning. >.<

I should not have go. It does cost me a lot for this trip. T_T I've lost my best travel buddy. T_T Anyone know where's the nearest Sony Center????

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weird dream!!!

Someone knocked on the door. I opened and saw a girl dressing up in white. Faces covered by her hairs.

I asked,'Erm....who are you looking for?'

At the same time, i have this odd feeling. What's this girl doing at my door looking for someone at this point of time???

The girl say nothing but raised her finger and pointed toward the staircase.

I turn to look at the staircase but no one was there. Jestrine was staring back at me, wide eyes, asking, 'Who are you talking to?'

'Is her. This girl.', i answered.

'There is nobody there.',said Jestrine.

And i woke up.

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