Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You can curse me if you want.....

Everything happened for a reason. That's something you gotta understand. I dont do stupid thing without any reason okay!!! Is not that i dont want to open the window okay!!!! I purposely kept quiet today. This is one thing i've learned in life. When explanation doesn't work, you just gotta let that person experience him/herself. Otherwise, he/she will never learn the lesson. Now...can you get all those bugs out of my room??? I don't want it bugging on my face or my ears tonight when i want to sleep okay.....=_= Why you always act before even thinking logically?

Now you are complaining again about the delivery services. =_= haizzz like i've said. Think before you act. What do you expect??? Ordering at 9pm is already late. You cant blame them for delivering late because IT IS ALREADY LATE the time you place your order. Did you get that?

Some more, when i ate in the room, you commented on the smell but you forget one hard fact. Now you are eating in the room, should i do some ranking whose smell is more fragrant? Hoho~~~i bet you'll win because i seldom eat in the room. Coincidently, today i did not open the window which kinda trapped my 'fragrance' inside the room. I just want to say sorry because you enter the wrong place at the wrong time which caused your very much uncomfortable. Sorry~~~

Sorry for not letting your friend, BUGSSSsssss entering the room.
Sorry for trapping my 'fragrance' inside the room until you need to cover it up with another much more stronger 'fragrance' of your.

P/S~~~~This post is really dedicated to you. Have a good read and curse me if you want.

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