Saturday, October 31, 2009

Teruknya, rumah ni!!!!

The connection here is damn bad that i couldn't upload any photo to blogger. I wonder when this misery will end. I want to move. The whole house is PPS now. There is no point connecting to the internet. Even logging in to Google home page took me about 25minutes. This is seriously driving me nuts. I have enough. When the owner is back, i'm going to tell him that i'm moving.

Yesterday was Halloween Night, yeah~~~but i'm at Uni celebrating Mooncake festive. Hahahaha~~~

Anyway, something disturbing happened when i'm about to depart to Uni. A storm was coming in so we need to get our butt to Uni asap. Then!!!!!!!!!! This particular weirdo did something extraordinary again. Again and again!!!! Don't you know how to keep track of time??? Why it is that you are always the one 'Not Ready' when we're going on an outing?

You are pissed off??? I tell you what. I'M DAMN PISSED OFF!!!! I've told you, i'm going out at 7pm. By 7pm, you went for a bath. =_=''' Duh!!!!! Is 7PM, not 7AM. I think my post is getting more direct recently. I'm expressing my though on you more directly because you are simply too straight. Going round circle is useless. Please keep track of time and don't blame others for not waiting because you are the one wrong in the first place!!!!!!!!!

Here's one of the photo we've taken at Uni. And it'd took me 1 and a half hour to upload this. Michelle and Tweety. I'm the one breaking the dress code.

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