Monday, October 12, 2009

Summary of my Perak journeys and G-force review

It'd been daysssss since i'm back and yet i still couldn't check my result. I'm so curious of my results. I wonder how it is. Urghh, seriously i think UTAR system should be categorize into the kingdom of crawling animals significantly to living things that is SLOW in movement.

No wonders i'm becoming more and more like UTAR. Always procrastinate on my works. Try hard not to get myself into this swirling pool of dilemma which nearly every Utarians practices. So, before coming back to home i spent 1 week in Perak visiting all the 9 districts. Did i? =_= hmmp....maybe not all.

I'd been to Kinta, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Tengah, Batang Padang and Hilir Perak. Seems like there're still 4 districts left.

Basically, these are all the major town i'd left my footprints on. Planning to go to Pangkor Island near Lumut but probably not this year since i'm just back from a beach vacation at Langkawi in early May.

So, this post is typically just another boring post of mine with summary of my whole Perak journeys. I'm just typing this out for future reference so i get to know which town to visit next time.

Hmmp....let see. I think i'd left out something. Oh yup. I forgot about this.

G-force!!! How can i forget this 3 little cute hamsters that's cooler than a real man-in-black and smarter than Einstein. Well, i survived a 1 half hours bus trip

from Kampar to Ipoh for the sake of watching this movie with Scott and Wai Ching in Jusco cinema just to found myself drooling off to sleep. I swear this is the first ever movie that got me to sleep inside a cinema. The only part i found funny was when one of the hamster said,' You get your butt out of my face!' and the other one reply with,' You get your face out of my butt!'. That's all i could remember for the movie.

After the movie we went back to old town for dinner before dragging our tired legs back to Kampar. I wanted to eat this since Scott is from Sabah and havent tasted the Ipoh famous cuisine yet. Cost about Rm22++.

That's all.

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