Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please lah~~~Wat lar u~~~I tell u is this one wua!!! Like this one lar~~~!!!

First day of class as usual is boring and meaningless.

Second day of class, things get better, class was interesting but the lecturer was speaking in Malaysian English which spark on my nerves. Cant she just stop using those words like 'lah', 'Wua', 'mar' and 'one'.

'Like this one lo~~~'

'You cannot blame me wua~~~'

'So come here lah~~~~'

'Say yes mar~~~~'

=_= Please lah~~~~i'm working damn hard on proper English okay. Please stop polluting my mind okay~~~~

Hopefully next day will be better.


  1. hahah yeah meh.. i dun see any chinese lecturer here speak like that. Most of them graduated from overseas so have rather good english. We oso won communicate like tat with our lecturer.

  2. I think most of the lecturer graduated from local U in Malaysia.



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