Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never listen to your parents!!!

Tonight we'll be celebrating the birthday eve of Henry's Birth-Day. Cake is laying safe and sound inside the refrigerator. I'm wondering what kind of flavor they get for him. Maybe i should taste it first before everyone else does. Hohohoho.....

Okay. 2 fellows from the blogging competition had been shortlisted. Both were 18 years old. 1 is a boy and 1 is a girl. 1 was damned happy and 1 was damned sad. Happy? Sure does but sad????? Make no sense. Hmmp..... unsupportive parents really does make theirs kid suffer. Parents~~~parents~~~

Another guy from the blogging competition once said 'Never listen to your parents'. Well, he's right. Absolutely right. Just don't listen and find your own way. Hahahaha... insupportive or unsupportive??? =_= i donno. Can anyone tell me?

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