Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Moving on"

Moving on is a name of the song by 911, a boy band which is kinda famous back in the 20 century. Today, somehow the lyric of this song just kept popping out from my memory. Melody of this song play automatically in my head over and over again. I guess it best describe my inner feeling now.

Here's the lyric. Loving the part where kids singing along in the background.

Moving on our way
Moving on our way

I will always remember
Our first days together
It felt like we had known each other forever

We were dreamers
And we were believers
To give up everything
To follow this dream

But one thing that we have learnt
Is to stand, together as one
And nothing will overcome
And nothing's gonna stop us now

Moving on our way
We're moving on in the one direction
We're growing stronger with each passing day
We're moving on we'll always remember
All our friends all along away

Moving on our way

Now there's been hard times
As the road unwinds
We've grown closer
It's been worth all the sacrifice

Times are changing
And I hear what you say
Can't look at the world
Through innocent eyes

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