Thursday, October 29, 2009

More experiment~~~


I came back to my room this noon only to found a piece of 'clean and shinny' cloth which had been laying on the floor for near 2 weeks hanging on my chair. Whoaaayaaa~~!!!!
Okay~~~i get it. Now you're experimenting on some never before 'perfume' which seems to be abstract hem....'floor cloth'???? Kinda weird but i'm sure is going to fail. No, i'm wrong. The smell might be useful to attract some tiny bugs i guess. Yeah, i nearly forgot. Bugs are your friends. Anyway, i've placed it back to where it belong and is so not cool to let it hanging on the wrong place.

Class today was damn boring. There was no mentioned of another aircraft but today he talked about jet. Lolzzzz~~~What else we'll have next week?

I needs to give my eyes some rest. So tired.

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