Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crazy for languages!!!!

Mandarin, Japanese and languages are all jumbled up now. Japanese vocab is different from english vocab but was a little bit similar to mandarin vocab. Mandarin vocab on the other hand is different from English vocab while is also a little bit different from Japanese vocab. Japanese Kanji is just the same like Chinese writing but it carry different meaning. Now i'm starting to jumble up the meaning of the words. Gosh~~~!!!

Since i got nothing better else to do, i'm doing more reading in Mandarin and writing more in Japanese. Ends English became so badly that i dont even feels like typing this post now. Oh gosh!!!! Anyway, i've been to Perak Tong a few days ago and i found this Jawi writing painted in black paint at the main entrance gate. I was quite surprised to see this. What's Jawi doing at a chinese temple?? Hoho~~~

Wondering what it meant?

Ta-Min-Pa-Ta = Tempat





Maybe someone can help me with this. The last word. I forget what that symbol represent already.

So the whole thing read 'Tempat orang Buddha sembahyang ??????'

=_= Blind one also know this is a temple lar~~~~


  1. They don't wan to confuse their malay ppl kua..

    I can't really see out the word from your pict. Made your pict bigger la. haiyo...

    I think it is qa or wat. cant see la...

  2. dont tell me you know jawi ooo.



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